You Need This Mailchimp Signup Form WordPress Plugin Now

Searching for a Mailchimp signup form WordPress plugin that does more? Then this is the plugin you need for your contact forms for Mailchimp.

So, you’ve got your Mailchimp account and your WordPress site. You’re ready to start building your Mailchimp list.

You go into Mailchimp’s form builder. The user interface is slightly confusing, but you can figure it out. You notice some things are missing, though.

How are you supposed to tag users automatically? You can’t.

Can you add a user to two separate groups? Not without editing code

Are you even able to have a checkbox? Not very easily!

But these are the limitations of Mailchimp’s forms. You’ve decided you must live with them, right?

Formidable Forms is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin. Get it for free!

Wrong! There is an easy way to get around these limitations. You just have to keep reading to find out how 😄.

Wait, is there a Mailchimp plugin for WordPress?

You can create and display your forms on your website with Mailchimp’s WordPress plugin. The plugin works well for many users.

For basic purposes, capturing email addresses and starting a newsletter this way is fine.

But what if you’re looking to do a little more with your forms and Mailchimp audience. This is where you start to run into problems.

Want to add custom fields to your forms? 

Doing this with Mailchimp isn’t simple or possible in some cases.

And customization is limited. You can change some colors and bold some text, but that’s about the extent of it.

Doing all this and more is easy, though. All you need is a form-building plugin 👇.

Why you need a Mailchimp subscribe form WordPress plugin

You may have thought the Mailchimp contact form builder was fine. And it is for some people.

But, it has some areas for improvement. That’s where form plugins (like Formidable Forms or WPForms) come in.

Like a form-building Ironman, plugins improve the process to give users superhero-like abilities with their subscription forms.

For example, remember when we mentioned adding a user to two different groups on signup? This takes extra code on your part. There’s no simple way.

With Formidable Forms, you simply change some settings inside the form. No coding is needed.

And we haven’t even talked about the customization process with Mailchimp. 

Limited options, basic customization, and an unattractive interface.

Form builders are the opposite. Complete customization with a simple interface to use. Add form fields, customize the design, and create unlimited forms for your website.

It’s as if Mailchimp is your school principal telling you to play inside a set of rules.

With Formidable Forms, you’re the principal, and you set the rules.

The best Mailchimp list subscribe form WordPress plugin 💪

Making forms look nice is only part of the equation. How you organize your Mailchimp audience is another part. 

If Formidable Forms is peanut butter, Mailchimp is the jelly. And they go together perfectly.

Want to tag users based on the post or page they’re on when they sign up? Using Formidable Forms, you can do this straight from your form. 

With Mailchimp, you must go to each subscriber and add tags to them. This isn’t efficient nor a good use of time.

Segmenting your audience helps to create more active email lists.

And that’s not even all the features. Here are a few more you may like:

But, you may wonder how easy it is to add a form to your website with Formidable Forms.

How do I add a Mailchimp signup form to my WordPress site with Formidable

Easy. There are only three steps:

One thing to note is that Mailchimp integration is a part of our Plus plan, so you must buy that to access Mailchimp. 

But, don’t worry, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the plugin, get a hold of us, and we’ll get your money back.

Step 1: Integrate Mailchimp with Formidable Forms

Once you install and activate Formidable Forms, let’s set Mailchimp to work.

First, head into your WordPress dashboard and go to FormidableGlobal SettingsMailChimp.

Here you’ll enter your Mailchimp API Key. If you don’t know where to find this, go to your Mailchimp account to Account ExtrasAPI Keys. If you don’t have one already, click ‘Create a Key.’

Copy this key, and paste it into the API key field in the Formidable plugin.

Step 2: Create a form in Formidable

Okay, we’ve got Mailchimp set up with Formidable.

Now, let’s create a form to be your Mailchimp signup form. Go to Formidable → Forms. Click Add New.

You can create a Blank Form or choose from one of the 150+ templates we have available.

If you choose a blank form, give the form a name and then click Create to start building.

Now, select the fields you’d like to have in your form. You can drag them onto the form canvas to start building it.

Click Update to save your form. Step two is done!

Step 3: Set Mailchimp settings inside the form editor

Last, inside the form you created, go to Settings → Actions & Notifications → MailChimp. Select the Mailchimp list to which you want to add subscribers. 

Then, select any other settings you want for your lists, like tags, single or double opt-in, etc.

And that’s all! It’s that easy to use Formidable Forms for your Mailchimp WordPress plugin.

The official Mailchimp signup form plugin is good, but it isn’t great.

With Formidable Forms, you can take your abilities above what Mailchimp offers — in looks and functionality. This post showed you how.

For more information, check out our post on making a Mailchimp contact form in WordPress.

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