WPTurbo Review: Generate WordPress Code Without the Knowledge

WordPress benefits from custom solutions such as themes and plugins. For your site, this means development skill, time, and money – most of which will be in short supply. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a way around this with WPTurbo. It’s a tool that lets you generate WordPress code snippets and automate the entire process while you get on with other jobs. For this review, it’s WPTurbo we focus on. We’ll look at this AI code snippet generator in a number of areas, including how to use it, the all-important cost, and what other users think of the tool! Introducing WPTurbo Your WordPress website likely took thousands of hours to create. Of course, much of that will be in development – coding the various pages and feature elements of your theme and plugins. What’s more, you’d need plenty of time to squash bugs, refine your custom additions, and much more. This will all take time, not to mention money. If you have little of either, you may have to settle for off-the-shelf solutions, which may lack in essential areas. However, WPTurbo could help you bypass your limitations – even in terms of coding knowledge – to create custom WordPress themes, plugins, and tweaks to its core code. In a nutshell, it’s an AI code generator specific to WordPress. As such, you can use WPTurbo to in a number of ways: You can add the features and functionality you’ve been planning to your site without the need for a developer. If you need a custom theme, or a basic plugin to add functionality, WPTurbo can help you achieve it. The tool could help you to ‘refactor’ your existing code, making your site better without sacrificing its functionality. It could also help as a feedback assistance, in order to highlight bugs or other issues. In the future, WPTurbo has a lot more planned too. In its roadmap, the plan is to provide greater relevancy for code when working with popular WordPress plugins, along with a host of other helpful additions. WPTurbo’s Features and Functionality The core of WPTurbo is ChatGPT’s Large Language Model (LLM). This means you’ll ‘talk’ to WPTurbo about what you want, and refine the output until you’re happy. However, this isn’t just a chatbot with access to more knowledge. It can help you code up custom WordPress solutions in myriad ways: You can edit and refine the code yourself, or through conversing with the chat interface further. Boilerplates help to avoid creating all of your project’s files from scratch. WPTurbo can assist with this. Generator settings help you refine function prefixes, text domains, and other variables to improve the quality of your final code and revise it less. Snippets aren’t all WPTurbo can do. You’re also able to generate multi-file projects such as themes or plugins. If you’re a ChatGPT user, you can also connect it to WPTurbo to use GPT-4 – the latest iteration of the trailblazing AI. Of course, you’ll need to know how to work WPTurbo. This is something we’ll cover in the next section. How to Use WPTurbo There are two facets to WPTurbo – its AI code generator, and a vast collection of snippet generators for all sorts of use cases. For example, you can generate code to remove Woo fields, create shortcodes, build Custom Post Types, register styles and scripts, and much more. We won’t cover everything in this review, but as an example, cron jobs are notorious in WordPress. You have to get them right, or see your regular scheduling run amok. WPTurbo lets you generate cron jobs for free on the website: You’ll spot that you can edit function names and text domains, and save the snippet for later. Even more impressive is that you could save this as a WordPress plugin too. Of course, there’s full scope to customize whatever code you generate further with WPTurbo’s AI capabilities. Let’s look at this in detail next. WPTurbo AI While the code generators are near perfect for regular ‘admin’ type development tasks, WPTurbo AI is the real meat and potatoes. This presents a code editor window and a chatbox on the right hand side. You simply need to make a request, and the AI will generate code for it. With our example, we want to build a basic contact form plugin: You can expand the chat window to view more. In fact, you’ll want to do this because WPTurbo AI gives you a full explanation of what it is doing and why: Based on how much you talk to the AI, you can refine your code further. For instance, you could ask it to add error handling or look for any potential security issues: Finally, you can save your code as a new project within WPTurbo, or download it as a ZIP file. Combined with a boilerplate from the dashboard, you can even look to create multi-file plugin projects too. If you need any help along the way, you can always consult their documentation. How Much WPTurbo Costs The good news is that you can sign up to WPTurbo for free, albeit with limitations. For instance, you’ll only have access to the WordPress generators with a cap on usage per day. For the real value deal, a premium subscription will be near essential. There are three WPTurbo Pro accounts available, but all include the entire feature set of the tool. This means you won’t be ‘hamstrung’ thanks to your budget when it comes to functionality. What’s more, the three tiers have tantalizing pricing: Monthly: $9 per month Annual: $90 per year Lifetime: $290 Right now, the Lifetime deal is magnificent value, but it likely won’t stay that way forever. In reality, even the Monthly plan is a great deal for the level of functionality you get. What Real-World User Say About WPTurbo You don’t need to take our word for it: WPTurbo is already impressing many who work with WordPress. Towhidul Karim is a WordPress developer who slots WPTurbo into his workflow: “…With just a few clicks, I was able to generate clean and optimized code for custom post types, metaboxes, shortcodes, and hooks…It saved me countless hours of writing custom code from scratch…” However, as we note, you don’t need a high level of proficiency when it comes to using the AI generation. For instance, take Ronie Randall – a WordPress site owner: “…I am not proficient in writing code to customize WordPress…I just write what functionality I need, and the WPTurbo AI module writes error-free ready-made code for me…” We should also note that other products developers see the prospect of using WPTurbo. Take Neil Roy – VP at e-commerce growth marketing platform, Moda: “…some of these can be really handy – like the AI snippet generator. I’ll share this with my team…” We are as impressed as WPTurbo’s paying users. If you want to see more about what the tool can help you achieve, let us know in the comments section at the end of the article! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) You may still have some questions about WPTurbo. That’s okay – we have answers! Check out our roundup of typical queries, but as always, the comments section is open if you want to pick our brains! Do I Have to Be a WordPress Developer to Use WPTurbo? Do I Have to Be a WordPress Developer to Use WPTurbo?

You don’t necessarily need to be a full-blown WordPress developer to leverage WPTurbo. However, we’d recommend having knowledge of how to use the code you generate. The tool won’t hold your hand when it comes to applying your new code, so skill with WordPress’ core should be part of your repertoire. Does the Code WPTurbo Generates Meet WordPress’ Coding Standards? Does the Code WPTurbo Generates Meet WordPress’ Coding Standards?

While the AI will endeavor to create compliant code when it comes to WordPress’ own standards and guidelines, we wouldn’t rely on this alone. Our advice is to check this yourself or employ a WordPress developer to carry out a code review on your behalf. What’s the Difference Between the Free and Premium Versions of WPTurbo? What’s the Difference Between the Free and Premium Versions of WPTurbo?

In a nutshell, you only get the WordPress generators for free. What’s more, this is only valid for 25 requests per day, which is subject to change. In contrast, the Pro tiers include every piece of functionality on offer, along with the ability to make up to 500 requests per day. Conclusion If you could whip up code for a WordPress website fast, there would be less need for a lengthy development process. WPTurbo looks to solve this problem thanks to its code snippet generators and AI architecture. We think this is a fantastic way to create code for custom WordPress projects, and may even become a typical tool for site owners in the near future. How would WPTurbo fit into your WordPress projects, and how often? Let us know how you’ll use it in the comments section below!

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