WP Engine vs Bluehost: WordPress Hosting Comparison 2022

WP Engine vs Bluehost head-to-head comparison where important features such as performance, pricing, pros and cons – are reviewed to help you choose before you decide to sign up with these web hosting providers.

Thinking about signing up with either WP Engine vs Bluehost for hosting your WordPress site?

WP Engine is the well-known premium managed WordPress hosting company out there, while Bluehost just recently started to offer managed WP hosting services. If features and performance are major factors for you then go with WP Engine, but if the (low) price is a major factor for you then choose Bluehost.

WP Engine offers a unique service. They provide free site migrations for up to five sites, and you can use their hosting management dashboard with one click of the mouse. Their customer support is top-notch as well, which means that if anything goes wrong they should be able to help you fix it right away (note: this does not include things like adding plugins or domain name registration).

Bluehost also offers a unique service. They offer free WordPress installations from their site, making it easy for anyone to start blogging with just one click of the mouse. Their customer support is not as good as WP Engine’s though – but they are still pretty competent at getting you back up and running in no time.

Use the below comparison table to learn what the differences are.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison

WP Engine is a better option for more experienced users who want to take advantage of their customer support, site migrations, and management dashboard. For those unfamiliar with WordPress or how it works, Bluehost will be the easier choice since they offer free installation services that make getting started much simpler. The downside is that customer support may not be as good, but it’s still pretty alright.

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