WP Copy Defender – WordPress Content Protection Plugin | Lifetime Access

Say goodbye to content poachers and hello to ironclad protection. Safeguard your valuable content with just a click using this essential WordPress Plugin! WP Copy Defender – WordPress Content Protection Plugin WP Copy Defender – WordPress Content Protection Plugin WP Copy Defender is a WordPress Content Protection Plugin that helps you prevent unauthorized copying, ensuring your valuable content remains secure and protected. This WP Protection Plugin – This WP Protection Plugin – can be installed with a single click is 100% SEO-friendly. is compatible with PHP 5.6+ and WordPress 3.1+. can be used by – Bloggers, e-commerce business websites, Web Agencies, and others. Features Of WP Copy Defender: Features Of WP Copy Defender: User Level Protection: User Level Protection: Select the user level for activating security, administrator, visitors, or logged-in users. Hotkeys and Click Protection: Hotkeys and Click Protection: Safeguard against unauthorized actions, including hotkeys and mouse right-clicks. Site Level Protection: Site Level Protection: Select where to activate security, posts, pages, categories, and WooCommerce products. Customize Messages: Customize Messages: Customize protection messages and append specific messages to copied text. SEO-Friendly WP Plugin: SEO-Friendly WP Plugin: Maintain SEO-friendliness with no impact on Google rankings and indexing. Stop content duplication by competitors. Lightweight JavaScript: Lightweight JavaScript: Utilize native JavaScript, providing efficiency without the need for JQuery. Cross-Browser Support: Cross-Browser Support: Protect content on Chrome, Mozilla etc. Ads Compatible: Ads Compatible: No impact on your advertising revenue. Super Fast: Super Fast: No images, CSS or dependencies to load. Woocommerce and Cache: Woocommerce and Cache: Compatible with 99% of WordPress Plugins. 14 Premium Features Of WP Copy Defender – WP Plugin: 14 Premium Features Of WP Copy Defender – WP Plugin: Select content locations to limit Select user roles to limit Customize protection message Append message to copied text Disable right-click Disable copy Disable image drag Disable paste Disable save Disable print page Protect content from text selection Disable developer tools (F12, CTRL Shift I, Ctrl U) Hide content if Javascript is disabled Redirect when Javascript is disabled Sneak Peek Into WP Copy Defender: Sneak Peek Into WP Copy Defender: Deal Terms: Deal Terms: How to download/activate this product? After completing your purchase, you will receive an instructions document. Follow the instructions in this document to redeem the coupon code and get access to WP Copy Defender. What is the validity of the license key/coupon code? (Within how many days the coupon code must be redeemed?) The coupon code must be redeemed  within 30 days from the date of purchase. Do you get Lifetime Access to this deal? Yes, this deal gives you lifetime access to WP Copy Defender. Lifetime means the lifetime of the product.  We try to get great products with longevity for our customers, but products do get acquired, or sometimes the products go bankrupt. Many of these products are startup companies, giving us a great deal for our customers. But in case of an unfortunate situation where the product does not last long, there is not much DealFuel can do about it. Are Lifetime Updates available for this product? Yes, Lifetime updates are available for this product. Is lifetime support available for this product? Yes, support is available for lifetime. For support contact – [email protected] Is this deal for new users only? No, this deal is available for both old and new users of WP Copy Defender. How many users can use the license key/coupon code? 1 coupon code can be used for 1 user/account. Are the coupon codes stackable? No, the coupon codes are not stackable. Can this product be accessed on all devices? Yes, WP Copy Defender is accessible on all devices, provided the devices have a good internet connection.

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