WordPress 6.5 RC2, Help Test • Notifying Blocked Users • Font Library on Track, Synched Patterns on Hold

This Week at WordPress.org (March 10, 2024) News WordPress 6.5 Release Candidate 2 Highlights from WordCamp Asia 2024 WordCamp Asia 2024: Q&A with Matt Mullenweg Zip uploads not working from Finder/Nautilus/Gnome/etc in WP 6.4.3 WordPress 6.5 Unblocking WP6.5 – Font Library and Synced Pattern Overrides Miscellaneous Editor changes in WordPress 6.5 Miscellaneous developer changes in WordPress 6.5 WordPress 6.5 Release Candidate 2 WordPress 6.5 ready to be translated Unblocking WP6.5 – Font Library and Synced Pattern Overrides New Feature: The Block Bindings API WordPress 6.5 Release Candidate Phase Introducing Plugin Dependencies in WordPress 6.5 Unification of the site and post editors in 6.5 Updates to the HTML API in 6.5 Interactivity API in 6.5 Script Modules in 6.5 Block metadata viewScriptModule field in 6.5 Updates to Block Hooks in 6.5 Performance improvements for registering block variations with callbacks I18N Improvements in 6.5 (Performant Translations) WordPress 6.5 adds AVIF support Merge Announcement: Interactivity API Merge Announcement: Plugin Dependencies Welcoming 2024 with WordPress 6.5 Beta 1 WordPress 6.5 Beta 3 WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 WordPress 6.5 Beta 1 Help test WordPress 6.5 Beta 1 6.5 Release Parties Schedule and Hosts Editor: Important milestones for WordPress 6.5 WordPress 6.5 release squad formation Discussion: Training’s contribution to the 6.5 release (and beyond) Accessibility Community Core Core Meetings Summary, Dev Chat, March 13, 2024 Developer Blog editorial meeting summary, March 7, 2024 Performance Chat Summary: 12 March 2024 Developer Blog: What’s new for developers? (March 2024) Introducing Block Bindings, part 2: Working with custom binding sources Data Liberation Design Meta Doc: Plugin Repo Live Preview and Playground Blueprint Introduce limits for readme field length Show Photo Directory contribution in Activity stream Add “My favorites” functionality to the WordPress Photo Directory Mobile Openverse Playground Latest NGINX equivalent for .htaccess to host a playground A doc page to list everything you can do with Playground WP shell command doesn’t work in WP-CLI Plugins Polyglots Translation Events Translation Events Prototype Agenda: Weekly Polyglots Chat – March 13, 2024 (13:00 UTC) Support Support

Discussion on changes needed for Forums to adhere to the Digital Services Act (DSA) Should mods delete links on topics when requested? Sustainability Test Themes Themes team update March 12, 2024 Themes Team Meeting Notes – March 12, 2024 Themes team meeting agenda for March 12, 2024 Training Training Team Meeting Recap – 7th March 2024 Discussion: possible collaboration to transform learning pathways to Skill Trees Online Workshops WPTV Related News: jQuery 4.0.0 BETA! Curl for 8.6.0 Node 21.7.0 React 18.2.0 PHP 8.3.3 Released! PHP 8.2.16 Released! PHP 8.1.27 Released! PHPCS 3.9.0 WPCS 3.0.1 PHPMailer 6.9.1 LibZip 1.10.1 MySQL 8.0.36 (2024-01-16, General Availability) Composer 2.7.2 Homebrew 4.2.12 TC39 Chromium Roadmap Firefox Release Calendar Safari Release Notes Thanks for reading our WP.org roundup! We highlight the news and discussions from the good folks making WordPress possible each week. If you or your company create products or services that use WordPress, you need to be engaged with them and their work. Be sure to share this resource with your product and project managers. Are you interested in giving back and contributing your time and skills to WordPress.org? Start Here › Contribute. You — and your whole team can join Post Status too! Build your network. Learn with others. Find your next job — or your next hire. Read the Post Status newsletter. ✉️ Listen to podcasts. 🎙️ Follow @Post_Status 🐦 and LinkedIn. 💼

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