WordPress 5.8 Beta 3, Day One Joins Automattic, CC Search Coming to WP 🗞️ July 2021 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

WordPress 5.8 Beta 3, Day One Joins Automattic, CC Search Coming to WP ?️ July 2021 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

?  This is the July 2021 edition of “This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.” 

Hello folks, hope everyone’s safe and healthy. Let’s take a quick look at a few interesting WordPress news from the past month. We will discuss some exciting details about the WordPress 5.8 Beta 3, the acquisition of Day One journaling app, and a new player on the WordPress site flipping landscape. Exciting times ahead!

WordPress 5.8 Beta 3 is available for testing. It is advised not to run this version on a production site as it’s still under development, but it can be set up on a test site to see how it works. It is possible to test this version by installing the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or downloading the beta version directly. You can also use WP-CLI to get the new version.

The final release of WordPress 5.8 is expected around July 20, 2021. Beta 3 comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements. These mostly deal with the block editor directly, but also touch on things like coding standards, media handling, and widgets.

Overall, this new beta is perhaps the final significant step toward WordPress 5.8.

To get a detailed list of features, visit the official release post.

Automattic has acquired Day One, a popular journaling app. This app is available on Mac, Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. It’s a user-friendly app that allows you to create journal entries on the go. It offers end-to-end encryption for privacy on the paid tier and has several offline capabilities.

We can expect that in the future Day One will allow users to share specific journal entries or entire journals to Tumblr and WordPress.com. Soon, you will also be able to import your content from WordPress and Tumblr to the journaling app.

Another interesting future path is that WordPress.com might want to offer their users a new private space based on Day One. This would be a nice additional product on top of the public-facing WordPress.com websites.

CC Search, an image search engine, is joining the WordPress project with more than 500 million licensed, open, and public domain images. These images will be discoverable from more than 50 sources.

The WordPress community has been waiting for a repository of compatible images for a long time, and this need is finally being fulfilled. Matt Mullenweg said that he’s been a long-time supporter of Creative Commons and was eager to keep the CC Search project going after learning that it might be shutting down.

WordPress will certainly be a great new home for CC Search. This also presents an interesting alternative to third-party integrations with image libraries, like Unsplash.

There is a new marketplace for flipping WordPress-based projects. It is called FlipWP, and it was launched by Alex Denning and Iain Poulson.

We’ve seen a lot of acquisitions in the WordPress space recently, yet there still wasn’t any purpose-built marketplace that could facilitate all those deals. This is changing now.

The guys behind FlipWP hope that the platform will become the go-to place for anyone looking for a WordPress project to acquire or wanting to list their own project for sale.

The interesting thing is that adding a listing is free and there’s also no commission on the sale. That said, FlipWP does offer a paid tier of $229. For that price, buyers get access to what seems like early deals – via the FlipWP email list.

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