WooCommerce Live Africa to Host First Online Meetup Event, March 18, 2021 – WordPress Tavern

WooCommerce Live Africa is hosting its first online meetup on Thursday, March 18, 2021, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM GMT+1. The new regional group is part of the WooCommerce network of more than 100 meetups with nearly 30,000 members across 40 countries. Events will be focused on topics pertinent to store owners and entrepreneurs with a focus on making it easy for anyone to get started with e-commerce.

Mary Job and Sunday Ukafia will be hosting the first event, titled “Getting Started in eCommerce” that will guide new store owners from idea to first customer. No technical knowledge is required to join the session, since it’s aimed at absolute beginners. Topics include basic business concepts:

1. Choosing an audience
2. Finding a problem to solve
3. Selling your product before you make it
4. Creating the product
5. Choosing an operating system
6. Delivering the product to your customer
7. Creating happy customers

“What inspired the new group is the zeal to help every individual succeed in their eCommerce venture, connect with Woo individuals and businesses to learn more about how they use Woo and how we can all help each other overcome challenges and succeed,” Mary Job said.

In Nigeria, where Job is located, many store owners are using WooCommerce but most tend to focus on selling more via social media channels. Job said she hopes the group can help merchants be as successful with their WooCommerce stores as they already are with Whatsapp, Telegram, and social media.

“The local entrepreneur community is pretty optimistic, despite the environmental challenges that comes with doing business in our country,” Job said. “Add to that the irregular and inconsistent government policies (speaking for Nigeria alone here), can’t speak precisely for other African nations.”

The organizing team plans to focus future sessions on a range of skill levels from beginner to advanced. Registration is free and the link to the online event will be visible after you sign up.

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