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This blog post was sponsored by our friends at Wix—the cloud-based development platform that makes it easy for you to create beautiful, professional websites.

If you build your sites on WordPress, you’ve probably got used to dealing with the hassle of constant updates, fixing plugin conflicts, and stressing over security. You’ve made a compromise—you’re willing to put up with it because you’re familiar and comfortable with the platform.

But what if you didn’t have to compromise? What if you could get all of that power, with none of the hassle? It would free you up to concentrate on managing your business, growing your traffic, and increasing your bottom line.

This is why over 200 million people worldwide are creating their websites with Wix, and why more and more professional web designers are leaving WordPress to join them. They’re benefiting from an innovative and powerful platform, providing all of the advanced capabilities and support they need, with none of the hassle that they’ve had to put up with until now.

The advantages of a robust, secure, and fully-serviced platform

WordPress users often express concerns around keeping their websites secure, particularly with the large range of plugins that can be created by anyone. Wix’s platform meets the highest global security standards and is protected by leading encryption algorithms. All sites get SSL certificates, transactions are supported by TLS 1.2 or higher and there are experts protecting your data 24/7.

Wix’s platform meets the highest global security standards and is protected by leading encryption algorithms.

In fact, you no longer need to deal with plugins at all. Wix comes with 1000s of built-in features that are designed to work together seamlessly. There are also third-party apps available, but they’re carefully vetted to prevent security breaches and potential conflicts.

When moving to Wix, you can forget about searching for the right hosting partner and paying them separately—the integrated hosting delivers 99.99% uptime so you can feel confident that your sites will always be available. And with automatic updates and backups, you can say goodbye to the update button, safe in the knowledge that your site will always be performing at its best, and be as protected as possible, without you having to lift a finger.

Discover flexible design and accelerated development

But that’s not all—Wix’s Editor and Editor X (the advanced creation platform for professional designers) offer total design freedom. You can add and customize thousands of UI elements and set up custom interactions without touching a line of code. And there’s a vast media library full of licensed, high-quality images, videos, and vector art that are ready to insert into your site.

Although you can create websites on Wix without using any code, there’s also the option to turn on Dev Mode and create custom UI and functionality using Velo by Wix. The zero-setup, built-in IDE lets you jump in right away and start creating the unique site experience you want using JavaScript and Wix APIs. You can instantly build dynamic sites and collaborate on your content with teams and clients, without affecting your site’s design.

You can add and customize thousands of UI elements and set up custom interactions without touching a line of code.

With Dev Mode on, you can easily integrate your favorite third-party services, like SendGrid, Stripe, and Twilio. Plus, you get access to production tools for every step of the dev cycle that simplify your experience, saving you hours of coding and maintenance time all the way from testing to deployment. You can debug, release and monitor your web app with built-in tools, or integrate with services like Google Cloud Operations. Created with developers in mind, Dev Mode is built to suit any level of coding expertise, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Benefit from relentless innovation

The past twelve months have seen Wix take massive strides forward, adding a large array of features. There are two areas that particularly stand out: performance and SEO. All sites now deliver a strong foundation to compete in organic search with built-in, advanced SEO tools. You can edit your robots.txt file, modify meta tags, customize structured data, and take even more control of your settings with Wix’s SEO APIs.

The infrastructure supporting Wix has been completely overhauled so that sites can load in fractions of a second—anywhere, on any device. With strategic caching and smart feature downloads, you and your sites’ visitors benefit from a slick online experience, and it’s only getting better.

You deserve better

If you’re a professional designer who’s stuck on WordPress it’s time to consider your options. There is an alternative: An innovative, powerful and robust platform, that can give you all the advanced capabilities, flexibility, and support that you need.

Wix has a message for WordPress users: you deserve better. See for yourselves.

Wix Design Team Wix provides a fully-serviced platform for over 200 million users across 190 countries to create professional, robust, eye-catching websites. More and more WordPress users are moving to Wix to benefit from the integrated, secure hosting, built-in maintenance and professional support. They’re using the flexible design features and accelerated dev mode to build high-performing websites that come ready with the right infrastructure and tools to compete in organic search. Learn more.

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