What’s New in the Upcoming WordPress 6.2 Release

WordPress 6.2 is a significant milestone in the Gutenberg project’s roadmap. This version celebrates the progress made in the past few years and provides powerful publishing tools for users.

The new features include the following:

  • removal of the Beta label
  • distraction-free mode
  • a revised Site Editor interface
  • split control settings for blocks
  • color-coded labels for Template Parts and Reusable Blocks
  • improved Navigation
  • simplified insertion of patterns and media
  • custom CSS support
  • Style Books
  • Openverse integration

Widgets also become Template Parts when transitioning from a Classic to a Block Theme, making the process smoother.

WordPress 6.2 makes some impressive progress in terms of improving the Navigation experience. Now it is easier to create and manage menus. The UI of the new Navigation Block features a sidebar with an editable view, allowing inline editing of the menu items. In addition, color-coded labels ensure users can locate Template Parts and Reusable Blocks quickly.

Essentially, WordPress 6.2 gives users more control of their creations than ever before. This release also brings a revamped Site Editor interface, block settings with split controls for Styles and Settings, improved Pattern insertion, and custom CSS for specific blocks. With the Beta label gone, the Site Editor is now stable and available for anyone to explore and create.

Additionally, Style Books offer an overview of a site’s design details, as well as the ability to preview block styles, and Openverse integration allows users to pull free, openly-licensed media into their content.

One of the major new features of this release is the distraction-free mode which offers a more focused writing experience by hiding unnecessary interface elements from the editor.

In the last few weeks, extensive progress has been made to get everything ready for WordPress 6.2. WordPress provided a comprehensive testing guide with instructions on setting up a testing environment and key features to test, along with videos, screenshots, and information on what each feature should do and how to test it.

WordPress 6.2 version is due out on March 28, 2023.

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