What WordPress Theme is That?

When you’re visiting a site and you find you absolutely love its design or its functionality, naturally the next thing you’ll find yourself thinking is, “What WordPress theme is that?”

If course, you can’t just log into the site’s admin area and see for yourself which WordPress theme is active. However there are still ways you can find out, and in this tutorial we’ll run through two of them.

The Easiest Way: Check the Footer

The easiest way to find out what WordPress theme a site is using is just to look at the footer area.

In the vast majority of themes a credit is displayed in the footer, and it will typically include the name of the theme, the name of the developer, and a link to their website.

Scroll all the way to the very bottom and see if there is an area that looks like this, telling you which WordPress theme is up and running:

check the footer

The Fallback Way: Check the Code

If you look at the site’s footer and there’s no credit link you can still figure out what WordPress theme is being used by looking at the site’s code. This method is a little more involved but is virtually guaranteed to work every time.

The first thing you’ll need to do is view the site’s source. On a desktop browser this can be done either by right clicking and selecting View Page Source, or by pressing  CTRL /  CMD +  U.

On a mobile device you may need an app designed to help with website management. For example, my choice on iOS is an app called “Inspect”.

view source

Once you’re looking at the code, you’ll need to search through it and find the link to the theme’s stylesheet, which almost always contains the name of the theme within it.

This link will be in a line that starts with the text:

<link rel=“stylesheet”

There are a few lines that start like this, and the quickest way to find the specific one we want is to search the text for  /themes/. This is because WordPress themes are always stored in a directory named “themes” so we know the URL of the stylesheet will contain that directory name.

When you find the line that satisfies both of these conditions, look immediately after the text that reads  /themes/ and you should see the name of the theme. For example, in the code of the theme Avada we see  /themes/Avada:

avada theme source code

If there’s no credit link in the footer, looking into the code with this method is the second way to find out what WordPress theme is being used.

Getting Your Own Copy of the Theme

Once you’ve identified which WordPress theme is being used you’ll likely want to get a copy of your own.

A huge number of the world’s most popular themes make their home right here, and can be found either at Themeforest or Envato Elements. Be sure to have a look around and see if the theme you want is here!

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