What to Expect From 2024 » Elementor

In the past year Elementor has become the more popular plugin on WordPress powering over 9.7% of the internet, and we are keeping that momentum going for 2024. This coming year you’re going to get more professional tools to build beautiful websites, faster hosting, and AI tools to empower you like never before. Here are a few reasons we can’t wait for 2024. Professional Tools for Professional Web Creators The Editor will be focused on giving you professional tools in four distinct areas, empowering you to build beautiful websites for your dynamic content and convert more visitors into customers. The four main areas we will be focusing on are: Dynamic Content The Form Builder Motion and Animation Effects Enhanced WooCommerce Tools Display Conditions, Akismet Spam Filter Integration and More! We’ve already started with 3.19, providing you with Display Conditions to create dynamic visitor experiences based on various conditions and rules. Add multiple conditions to any element to customize the content on your website for each visitor and situation. We are also introducing Akismet integration into the Form Builder to protect you from spam submissions. And we’re just getting started. The Top Choice for Your Elementor Websites Over the past year, Elementor websites on Elementor Hosting have made significant improvements in speed, outperforming industry standards and raising the bar. As we step into 2024, the commitment to making Elementor Hosting the top choice for web creators is stronger than ever. With a focus on performance, security, user-centric innovation, and the introduction of new plans, Elementor Hosting is on track to enhance workflows, efficiency, and your business growth, promising an extraordinary Elementor experience. These improvements have already begun. During this quarter, you can look forward to a new site sharing feature that will allow you to provide site management access to your team and clients. We’ll introduce a Static Hosting Plan, based on the advanced technology of Strattic, a company we acquired last year. We will also add Google Site Kit Integrations to get actionable insights directly in your WordPress dashboard. And we’ve teamed up with Migrate Guru to make the current process of migrating your site even more seamless. And remember that our experts are ready to assist at any step for free. These are just a few reasons why Elementor Hosting is set to be the top choice for your Elementor websites. Add the Power of AI to Your Workflow 2023 will always be remembered as the beginning of the AI revolution, and we are thrilled to see how Elementor AI is becoming an inseparable part of your workflow. This year will focus on seamlessly integrating more AI capabilities into every part of the Editor, unleashing your creativity to allow you to create anything you imagine, and leveraging AI to improve your productivity and speed up your workflow by eliminating repetitive tasks. Welcome the New Image Optimizer Plugin by Elementor There is a new addition to the Elementor suite of tools for web creators: the Image Optimizer. The new plugin ensures that you never have to choose between the quality of your visual assets and your site’s performance. Specifically designed for WordPress sites, the plugin seamlessly optimizes your images by resizing, compressing, and converting them to the WebP format. This enhancement improves page speed, reduces loading times and increases visitor engagement. To Q1, and Beyond! We can’t wait to see all these new features empower your online presence. From the professional features in The Editor, site management tools for Elementor Hosted Websites, to the continued integration of AI technologies into your workflows – Q1 is going to be an amazing kickoff for an exceptional year. Looking for fresh content? By entering your email, you agree to receive Elementor emails, including marketing emails, and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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