What I’ve learned about WordPress

Thinking about WordPress this morning, APIs and feeds.# This last year I’ve caught up with WordPress, have been asking questions, and one of the best thing about my work with Automattic is that the doors have been open. I have great teachers who are encouraging me, and of course are experts in and proud of WordPress, and as a result I think FeedLand and WordPress are going to work together in some very nice ways. Getting pretty close on some of it.# A year ago I didn’t even know that WordPress still had APIs. At some point the code I had that worked with WordPress via the MetaWeblog API broke, and I assumed that it was the end of the line, and took the feature out of my linkblogging tool. But I was wrong. And not only that there was Calypso, a modern REST interface, that works in the same model I use for FeedLand and Drummer. It’s all there. I love it. All kinds of integrations will be possible. # Getting FeedLand to work in the new environment has been a step by step process. It was built to run on a Digital Ocean server, with a file system. I’ve converted now all the pieces we needed, and it seems finally to run smoothly.# Last update: Wednesday November 22, 2023; 9:05 AM EST. You know those obnoxious sites that pop up dialogs when they think you’re about to leave, asking you to subscribe to their email newsletter? Well that won’t do for Scripting News readers who are a discerning lot, very loyal, but that wouldn’t last long if I did rude stuff like that. So here I am at the bottom of the page quietly encouraging you to sign up for the nightly email. It’s got everything from the previous day on Scripting, plus the contents of the linkblog and who knows what else we’ll get in there. People really love it. I wish I had done it sooner. And every email has an unsub link so if you want to get out, you can, easily — no questions asked, and no follow-ups. Go ahead and do it, you won’t be sorry! 🙂

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