What Is The Divi 5 Public Alpha And When Will It Be Ready?

Our team is hard at work on Divi 5, a massive update to Divi’s foundation that will improve performance, reimagine its API, and give our team and the community the springboard we need to propel ourselves into the future. It’s no easy task. We’ve been at it for a while now, and we still have work to do, which is why I like to publish these updates every month to give you insight into our progress.

Last month, we talked about how Divi 5 will move away from shortcodes, and the various benefits of the migration, so be sure to check out that post if you missed it.

What We Accomplished This Month

This month, we continued our progress toward the Public Alpha. We are finishing the core set of Divi’s features necessary to make this first alpha version applicable to a broad spectrum of users.

We converted new modules, such as the Heading, Menu, and Post Title modules. We integrated new option types, such as the Divi icon selector. We fixed more bugs, added more docs, and implemented a new system for automatically generating module settings that further simplifies the module creation process so that we can speed up our Divi 5 workflow and provide the community with some even easier module creation tools.

Here are the latest Divi 5 changelog entries. 👇

Let’s Talk About The Public Alpha

In this post, I also want to address the questions: What is the Divi 5 Public Alpha, and when will it be ready? We are releasing Divi 5 in five phases. We already released the Dev Alpha and Dev Beta versions, where we focused on solidifying the backend framework and giving developers in the community a head-start on converting their custom modules before moving on to user-facing features.

The Divi 5 Public Alpha will be the first version of Divi 5 intended to be used and tested by a broad audience, which means it needs to have enough of Divi’s core features working to make it worthwhile.

What Is The Public Alpha?

The Public Alpha will be a stable but unfinished version of Divi 5 suitable for building new websites. It will work as intended, but it will be missing some of Divi’s features and, therefore, won’t be compatible with all existing Divi websites. Divi 5’s remaining features will be finished for the Public Beta, serving as a release candidate for Divi 5.

So, what features will the Public Alpha be missing, and when will it be ready?

When Will The Public Alpha Be Ready?

In the screenshot below, you can see our internal Divi 5 roadmap. On the right is a list of everything we have finished so far. In the middle, you can see what we are actively working on during the current 2-week sprint, and on the left is a list of items we need to finish, grouped by the versions in which they will be released.

Less essential features, such as Quick Actions, Find And Replace, Extend Styles, and WooCommerce Modules, are on the Public Beta list. We’ll finish them, but we will release the Public Alpha first to get an early version of Divi 5 into your hands as soon as possible. If the missing features aren’t something you miss, you can use this early version of Divi 5 and enjoy its benefits immediately when building new sites.

We are far into this project. There is much more behind us than in front of us. At the beginning of the year, we set a goal for ourselves to get the first public version of Divi 5 into your hands before the year was over. With two months left in 2023 and looking at the items remaining in the Public Alpha list, we are within striking distance of that goal, but a safer bet would be to expect the Public Alpha in Q1 of next year.

There’s More To Look Forward To!

We are working on exciting things outside the scope of Divi 5, and some examples of that have been the release of Divi Cloud, Divi Teams, Divi VIP, and Divi AI. We’re finding creative ways to bring you more value, even while Divi 5 is in development, and we have some more surprises in store that I think you will love.

In other news, we recently released Divi Code AI, a new arm of the Divi AI toolset that can write code, generate CSS, and help customize your Divi websites inside the Visual Builder. It’s like always having an expert front-end web developer at your side who knows the ins and outs of every Divi module.

We also started our Black Friday countdown. We have many amazing things planned for this year’s Black Friday sale, beginning early on November 21st. Head to elegantthemes.com/blackfriday to get all the details and enter our Black Friday giveaway. We are giving away a free iMac and fifty free Divi AI memberships while we count down to the big sale day.

Stay tuned for more Divi 5 updates, and I’ll see you in the next update. Follow us by email and subscribe to our YouTube to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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