Vertically center bullets with long text in CSS and Elementor | How to align bullets with list items

In this tutorial, I will show you how to vertically center and align bullets with text in CSS in Elementor using unordered lists. If you have a list item that contains a lot of text and has multiple lines, the default bullet might still be aligned to the top of the list item. If you want to make it centrally aligned with your text, you can first clear the list style. This will remove the default bullets that are set as ‘markers’. Then, you can add a ‘before’ pseudoelement to your list items and make them into a circle or a bullet using a border and an empty content. You can control the size of the bullet and its color, as well as spacing and padding.

Before pseudoelement gives you many more options for positioning as opposed to the default marker bullet.

After that, just use the display flex and align-items: center property of your list items. This will vertically center and align the bullet with the longer text and multiple lines within your bullet list.

This also works for custom bullets, where you can use a custom png image of svg vector as your bullet.

Grab the CSS code here:





To use custom CSS code with Elementor FREE, I am using the Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin for WordPress that you can download here:

Simple Custom CSS and JS

Have fun and thanks for watching!

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