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Are you searching for the most efficient WordPress Hosting for your site? If yes, there are many hosting reviews available on web. There are many ways to scan and find the best WordPress hosting service provider but, in this articles I am going to share the fastest WordPress hosting as per Reddit, which is the most popular community on web.

In many cases, people go and ask questions on Reddit to find answers from other experts or users. People discuss about their personal experiences. Sometimes they also run polls to find out the best performing tools and services.


In this article, I discuss the top 5 fastest WordPress hosting as per Reddit users. It doesn’t matter if you’re launching an entirely new venture or if there’s one in existence for some time the speed of your site is one of the main factors that will ensure that your site will grow and be sound. Plus … it can also help keep your customers engaged.

Finding the most efficient web hosting service can be a bit difficult, however, as each host has its own unique. There are a variety of options that may leave people confused as they go through them. Every person wants the most benefit for their company regardless of whether it’s a large or small one. Of course, speed is one of the most crucial factors you can count on.

Types of Web Hosting

How to Choose Right Hosting for WordPress
Like any other platform, WordPress needs secure and fast hosting service. It should have flexibility as well as robustness to handle traffic spikes.

The choice of which hosting service to choose will be based on your specific needs regarding the amount of work you wish to do on your server and website in the future.
If you’re just beginning and would like to know if running a WordPress website will benefit you, you could try using free hosting or shared hosting services (it’s in which you share your hosting space with customers. Some companies such as Hostinger or Bluehost offer this).
For professional sites and those that have a bigger audience, managed hosting or VPS are the best options. VPS Hosting has various benefits and advantages but they are very costly.

List of 5 fastest WordPress hosting as per Reddit

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is an outstanding WordPress hosting service that lets you select between managed and shared WordPress hosting for your site. Shared hosting is ideal for a broad range of businesses and consequently, usually comes at a lower cost because it is able to meet the requirements of a greater variety of companies than managed hosting.

Managed hosting is customized to a specific business’s specific requirements and features advanced features. It’s good news that regardless of whether you select managed or shared hosting, you’ll still get speedy loading speeds, automatic setup as well as free SSL and global servers with A2.

Features of A2 Hosting:– 20x faster servers, 99.9% Uptime Commitment free SSL and Guru Crew 24×7 Support Free Account Migration 45-day Money-Back Guarantee Global Servers

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is among the most seasoned web hosts available that was founded back in 2003. Bluehost is one of the largest and most popular hosting companies specializing in professional-yet-affordable shared WordPress hosting. They provide one-click installations and a domain name for free automatic backups, 24×7 assistance, and a 30-day money-back assurance.

Features of Bluehost:– Automatic WordPress Install and Updates, Free SSL Certificate Included, FREE Domain Name for 1st Year, CodeGuard Basic Backup, 24/7 Support, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

3. HostGator

HostGator They’re among the most popular hosting companies and are managed by one of the largest hosting companies available. HostGator is a trusted partner for millions of websites, and it’s an industry-leading player in the WordPress hosting shared space. It offers affordable plans and a 45-day money-back guarantee with its affordable cost and lightning-fast speeds. To get the best value for your money chooses the Starter plan if possible.

Features of HostGator:– A domain free for one year with a free SSL, the latest cPanel Website Hosting Control Panel 99.9 100% Uptime 24×7 Support, 24/7 Support, No-Contract with a 45-day Money-Back Guarantee.

4. SiteGround – WordPress hosting

SiteGround is a WordPress hosting service that is obsessed with speed and the highest level of security it’s been recommended through It makes use of the Google Cloud platform across its 24 data centers, which means an efficient and secure transfer of information.

With SiteGround you’ll receive free updates, automatic migrations, and three levels of cache -which sets it apart from other providers for ensuring that your website is as quick as it can be. Also, you get 24-hour expert support that can help you with any issues that you face.

Features of SiteGround:– One-click WordPress installation, free SSL Daily Backups Email, and CDN Highly recommended by WordPress, 30-day money-back promise

5. AWS

Amazon Web Services provides cloud web hosting services that allow businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and other entities to easily deliver their websites and web applications at a low cost. AWS has many websites hosting options that will suit your needs, whether you are looking for an e-commerce, marketing, or rich-media website.

Features of AWS:– Fastest hosting server, Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can scale up or down based on demand.

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Why is web hosting speed important?

A 2017 Google study found that the likelihood of a mobile site visitor leaving your site increases by 100% as page load time climbs from one second to ten seconds.

Absolutely. 100%

That is not a small amount.

Despite how small the span of one to ten seconds is, the figures were still meaningful even at smaller increments.

Reduced bounce rates are important for any type of website, but if you run an online store or another type of business where you want your visitors to take action, page load speed is even more important.

How to choose the fastest WordPress hosting for your website:

Here’s how to choose a hosting package that will be fast for both you and your audience:

1) Choose one of the Companies

Study the companies listed above and become knowledgeable about the services they offer. Take note of any relevant details regarding their products. This is when your budget enters the picture.

2) Check their server location

After you’ve decided on a company, you should look into their accessible server locations. That means you must confirm its proximity to your target audience’s location. The closer you are, the better. This is significant since it provides better performance for the same investment. Some companies display their server locations during the sign-up process, while others must be contacted directly.

3) The last step is to choose hosting plan

After determining which company is closest to you and also meets all of your requirements, you must select one of the plans they provide. The strategy you require is the one that best fits your budget, audience, and goals.

Shared Hosting Plan and speed comparison

Hosting Company Disk Space Price Load Time (US)
A2 Hosting 100 GB $ 9.99/ Month 0.7 sec
Bluehost 10 GB $ 2.95/ Month 2 sec
HostGator 5 GB $ 3.06/ Month 1.32 sec
SiteGround 10 GB $ 3.99/ Month 0.38 sec

This is the comparison of fastest WordPress Hosting as per Reddit. Also you can read “Best WordPress Hosting Comparison” article for getting detailed information about hosting comparison.

The above article is about on fastest WordPress Hosting as per reddit. This above hosting are not the only option this is also avaible you can also buy them for your website.

You can also use this hosting and share your experience in comment section. I hope the above content is provide some value for you and helping to selcting a best wordpress hosting for your website.

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