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Starting something new is easy. What is tough is an improvement. No one is perfect and there is always scope for betterment. The more you try, the more you work hard, the better you get.

1. Devote some time

Spend some time on a daily basis knowing about WordPress. Even if it a brief amount of time, lend it to knowing more about WordPress. The more you read, the more you get acquainted with something

2. Be Unique

Be unique in your templates and themes. Use your insights and creativity and avoid copying. Spend time to establish new ideas. Study about what people like and what is it that you can do differently. Incorporate things that make your platform different and appealing

3. Use PHP codes instead of plugins as much as possible

It not only saves the time wasted in downloading and installing but also gives you an edge over other developers who use plugins. That’s what it’s all about, after all, being a better web developer.

4. Communicate

Communicate with others on the same platform. This will let you expand your audience and also take ideas and know much more from experienced people. Communication is a very essential thing in today’s world. You cannot survive alone, you need to build healthy relations with people and communicate.

5. Short codes

Implementation of short codes make the functions that otherwise take complicated codes much easier. This will make your platform very user-friendly and simple. This will definitely add grace points to your work. Make your platform a virtual assistant making everything easy to understand so that the user does not have to use other help.

6. Incognito mode child themes:

It is essential because this does not affect your theme when you clear the browser history and lets you develop more and enhance the themes.

7. Ignore social media:

This is essential in order to concentrate. And let’s face the reality, social media does distract you and refraining from it will help you concentrate better and focus more on your work. In order to improve, hard work with concentration is a must.

8. Checking the correct resources:

This is very essential to avoid putting up any false information. Even though it may be totally unintentional, but a piece of wrong information is a huge drawback and can hinder your popularity and growth. So not just once, make sure to check and recheck and make very sure that whatever you share is authenticate.

9. Be up to date

Be well acquainted with the latest developments in this field and keep developing your themes and codes. Have everything according to the latest trends. There should not be any scope for any shortcomings if you want to be a top WordPress developer.

10. Make your programming strong

Be strong in programming. Rather be an expert when it comes to programming so that you can put up when new developments come your way. You should not leave any stone unturned from your side.

These are 10 tips and tricks to help you make yourself a better WordPress developer. However, dedication and hard work are the keys to success. These tips will only accentuate your hard work and guide you in becoming a better version of what your work self. These little things, when kept in mind, will elevate your platform and make you better than and different from the rest.

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