Tidio Review: Game-Changer for Customer Support? (2024)

If you’re looking for a chatbot solution that can help you generate more leads, improve customer service, and automate your marketing campaigns, you might have come across Tidio. Tidio is a cloud-based platform offering various features and integrations to help you grow your online business. But is Tidio the right choice for you? In this article, we’ll review Tidio’s features and pricing and then briefly compare Tidio with some of its competitors. Table Of Contents 1 What is Tidio? 2 Review of Tidio’s Chatbot Features 3 Review of Tidio Pricing 4 Review of Pros and Cons for Tidio 5 Tidio Alternatives 6 Conclusion What is Tidio? Tidio is an AI-powered customer service and chatbot platform that helps businesses provide top-tier customer support. It offers live chat, chatbots, support desk ticketing, and email marketing as part of its growing product platform. It’s a platform that has been around for a reasonable amount of time, and we’ve recommended it many times. The service is built to help mid-size businesses looking to solve customer problems while generating sales. Tidio has solutions that can put AI or humans at the center of customer interaction (or a helpful mix of both). It’s an expansive system that can become most of your helpdesk while integrating with other vital tools. Review of Tidio’s Chatbot Features Tidio has a lot under the hood because they’ve been in the customer support business for a long time. But they’ve stayed current with all the latest technologies. We’ll cover all the main features and how they work. Advanced AI Chatbots for Better Customer Service Tidio’s platform comes packed with options for creating Chatbots. They not only have the traditional, programmable chatbots, but they’ve also stepped up their game by offering AI chatbots that can handle more complex interactions. Lyro AI Conversational Chatbot Unlike the other chatbots that Tidio has traditionally focused on, which are based on predefined rules and scripts, Lyro AI uses advanced natural language processing and deep learning to understand the context and intent of the user’s messages and to generate relevant and personalized responses. Lyro AI can also handle complex tasks such as uniquely answering FAQs or providing product recommendations without requiring any coding or integration from the business owner. Lyro AI is designed to be easy to use, flexible, and scalable and to help businesses increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. FAQs are easy to import using multiple formats such as directly written FAQs, information from your website, or use Lyro AI to generate new FAQs with AI. Lyro AI makes it easy to test conversational chatbots before fully deploying them on your website. Ask it as many questions in as many different ways as possible to see how it responds. This is a great way to determine if it needs more training data. Let Lyro AI know when it has done its job and should hand it to a live agent with Handoff rules. This way, you utilize AI while it is helpful but can immediately pivot to live human agents when AI isn’t cutting it. Lyro AI also comes with detailed analytics to ensure your chatbot has the desired effect and answers customer questions. Setup Marketing Automations with Programmatic Chatbots With Tidio, you can create and customize chatbots for different purposes, such as ticketing, lead generation, and scheduling. Ticketing chatbots allow you to handle customer inquiries more efficiently and effectively. You can set up rules and triggers to assign tickets to the right agents, prioritize urgent issues, and follow up with customers. You can also integrate Tidio with your favorite tools, such as Zendesk, Messenger, or Whatsapp, to manage your tickets from one place. Lead generation chatbots help capture and qualify leads on your website 24/7. You can design engaging conversations that collect contact information, identify customer needs, and offer personalized solutions. To nurture them further, you can also sync your leads with your CRM, email marketing, or e-commerce platforms, such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, or Shopify. Tidio chatbots are simple to set up and deploy on your website. You can use the drag-and-drop builder to create chatbot scenarios or choose from various ready-made templates for different industries and use cases. Chatbot Triggers, Actions, and Analytics Customizing chatbot interactions (or making them from scratch) is made easy by its visual automation builder. You can trigger any automation (even multi-level triggers) with a dozen plus triggers that customize when chatbots are fired and what actions they can perform. From automation triggers, you can set up specific actions. This can be as simple as sending a particular message or as complicated as layering together multiple steps. One of the exciting things about Tidio is that since it supports these chatbots and has an email marketing system, you can trigger email campaigns based on chatbot interactions. Tidio chatbots also support conditions (display rules) for showing chatbots across your website. You could activate different chatbots based on operating system, screen resolution, and time of day. Tidio also features visual analytics for each of your chatbots. This visualizes just how many users perform various actions with your chatbot. This is a straightforward way to visualize what your website viewers engage with and which branches of behavior are most used. Tidio is packed with features when it comes to its chatbot solutions. With the addition of Lyro AI’s conversational capabilities, Tidio is a well-developed customer support solution. Build a Helpdesk and Live Chat Support System for Your Business Tidio’s Helpdesk Inbox and Live Chat solutions are powerful tools that can help you provide better customer service and increase sales. Here is how they work: Managing customer inquiries can be overwhelming, especially from different channels such as email, chat, and Facebook Messenger. This is where the Helpdesk and inbox come in handy. It’s a centralized platform that enables you to manage all your customer support requests in one place. With this platform, you can assign tickets to your agents, add notes, tags, and custom fields, and track each ticket’s status and resolution time. Furthermore, the platform enables you to automate some tasks, such as sending auto-replies, assigning tickets based on rules, or triggering chatbots to handle common questions. This way, you can streamline your customer support process and ensure that you’re providing timely and efficient support to your customers. Tidio’s Live Chat feature lets you connect with your website visitors in real time and provide them with assistance or guidance. You can customize the chat widget’s appearance and behavior, set up chat operators and departments, and use pre-chat surveys and offline forms to collect information from visitors. Live Chat interactions take place in the inbox for live agents, making it simple to communicate with all customers, regardless of the channel they originate from (such as website, Messenger, or WhatsApp). Overall, Tidio’s Live Chat feature simplifies connecting with your website visitors and providing them with the support they need. Connect Your Chatbots with Effortless Email Marketing Tidio’s handy platform makes chatting with visitors and customers who land on your website easy. But did you know that Tidio also offers email marketing services? With Tidio, you can create and send your subscribers beautiful newsletters and automated campaigns. It’s easy to start from a template or create from scratch. Tidio’s email editor has plenty of structural and design options rolled into its visual builder. It is on par with most email builders and editors on the market. Tidio’s email builder has all the basic blocks you’d expect to build emails with. We particularly like that it has a menu and banner block many other services don’t. It comes with an easy-to-use AI content generator built into the editor. This enables you to use AI directly in your workflow instead of multiple tools simultaneously. You can also segment your audience based on their behavior, preferences, and interactions with your website. Tidio’s email marketing features can help you increase your conversions, retention, and loyalty. Every individual campaign or automation comes with all the standard email stats. This makes it just as good a choice as many of the other email marketing platforms out there. Whether you want to promote your products, share your content, or build customer relationships, Tidio can help you achieve your email marketing goals. Review of Tidio Pricing Tidio has a very stratified approach to pricing. This means that many different plans/tiers offer various arrangements of tools and usage limits. They offer plans ranging from a monthly free tier to the $394+/mo Tidio+ plan. They also offer a few add-ons that offer features al la carte that usually are found in its more expensive plans. This lets you choose a cheaper-priced plan based on your needs while adding some features for a smaller price than going with Tidio+. Add-ons available are: Lyro AI goes beyond the basic features provided by the non-Titdio+ plans Email Marketing which is priced based on the number of monthly emails sent Removal of Tidio branding Free Tier – $0/month With Tidio Free, you’ll get three live agent seats included for free. Plus, you’ll have access to 50 live chat conversations and 100 chatbot triggers per month. The ticketing system comes with unlimited ticket management. That’s not all! You’ll also enjoy various features, including live chat, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp integration, app integrations, canned responses (basic Lyro AI), multilanguage capabilities, widget customization options, basic analytics, and more. Best for small businesses or startups seeking to connect with customers without making any financial commitment. Starter Tier – $29/month With Tidio’s Starter plan, Free tier features have increased limits, such as live chat interactions of up to 100 per month and chatbot triggers of 500 monthly. Best for growing businesses that want more automation from a chatbot and can spend a little to get it. Smaller teams (of up to three included) can utilize this to manage most of their chatbot and live chat interactions. There are no eCommerce-based chatbots or actions. Communicator Tier – $25/month per seat The Communicator plan includes all Free tier features emphasizing live communication tools. There is no monthly cap for live chat interactions, but pricing is then charged per user or “seat.” So, if your team has two live agents, you’d spend $50/mo for unlimited live interactions and separated agent roles. Tidio also offers Shopify actions like seeing what’s in their cart, applying coupons, and canceling orders. Best for teams requiring live agent chat capabilities to interact with customers in real-time. Not for teams that need much in the way of chatbots and automated conversations. Chatbots Tier – Starting at $29/month The Chatbots plan includes everything in the free tier but focuses on higher limits for Chatbot triggers (starting at 2,000 triggers). Triggers are used to initiate specific actions with a chatbot based on certain rules. These are how your chatbot knows what to do and when. Best For businesses looking to automate interactions and streamline customer service with chatbots. Communicator + Chatbots – Starting at $29/month + $25/month per seat This plan combines the two plans, so we won’t go into much depth. Essentially, all limits of both paths are added together. So, 2,000 chatbot triggers and unlimited live chat interactions are included. However, this plan adopts the same per-user pricing for communicator seats. This is only useful for teams requiring higher limits of basic chatbot triggers and unlimited live chat interactions across a team. Tidio+ – Starting at $394/month Tidio offers this premium offering with all features from other tiers, plus exclusive services like a Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Account reviews, Training sessions, and more. This plan comes with expanded Lyro AI abilities and more integrations. Best for larger businesses that require a full suite of tools and personalized service for their customer support organization. Pricing starts at $394/mo, but in all actuality, pricing is based on your needs. That means a conversation with their support staff is required to determine your final price. What Plan is Right for You? Each tier is designed with scalability in mind, allowing businesses to start with a foundational set of features and add more as they grow. The Free tier is perfect for small businesses testing the waters of online customer engagement. The Starter and Chatbots tiers are ideal for those relying on analytics and automation, respectively. The Communicator plan is for teams that rely heavily on live agent support. For teams that need both live agent capabilities and automation, the Communicator + Chatbots tier offers a comprehensive solution. Lastly, Tidio+ caters to large teams that require an all-encompassing suite of customer support tools and services. Review of Pros and Cons for Tidio For those just wanting a list of the good and bad, we’ve noted several things that we like and wish could be better about Tidio. What are the Pros of Tidio? Tidio is easy to use and requires no coding experience. It supports 35+ integrations with third-party platforms. It offers a free plan with basic features for small businesses just getting started. Lyro, Tidio’s AI-powered chatbot, can resolve up to 70% of customer issues. The chatbot can offer personalized discounts to your website visitors based on their activity. Tidio provides multichannel communication through messaging app integrations. Tido + Email Marketing can create advanced automation with triggers inside the chatbot. It offers helpdesk and customer service team performance analytics. What are the Cons of Tidio? Tidio’s user pricing quickly adds up as a team grows. Lyro conversational AI is an add-on to most plans, which brings monthly costs up. Most of the cons that we’ve found have to do with pricing. Overall, Tidio offers a competitive package compared to other full-service help desk solutions. If you don’t need all the help desk features, it might be a good idea to consider some alternatives that sit at a different price point. That way, you get the features you want without paying for extras. Still, we can’t recommend Tidio enough. It has matured over the years as a great support product. Tidio Alternatives Here are other Tidio Alternatives that you may want to consider and what situations they are good for: Hubspot – Offers a full-service help desk solution but may also supply other tools you need for other areas of your business (like CMS, CRM, Site Analytics, and more). Chatbase – Simple solution for training a custom GPT chatbot, installing it on your website, and collecting leads—no user fallback or live chat, just AI. Botsonic – Chatbot building platform that focuses on conversational AI but also has live agent infrastructure, an excellent in-between service. Conclusion Tidio is a long-standing chatbot solution that existed long before the AI craze. Since AI became popular, Tidio has released its Lyro AI solution to cover multiple types of chatbots. However, it is far from the only AI chatbot solution on the market. The company that takes the most similar approach to Tidio is Hubspot, with its chatbots in Hubspot Service. Obviously, Hubspot features a larger ecosystem of tools (marketing, CRM, etc.), but that may be an attractive way to look at purchasing software. For simpler chatbot options that rely less on live agent support, we’d recommend Chatbase and Botsonic. They excel in being able to train chatbots on private data. They then leverage AI to speak to your website visitors about their questions autonomously.

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