The Ultimate WordPress Calorie Calculator Plugin

Counting on a WordPress calorie calculator plugin to pump up your site? Formidable Forms is the best calculator builder around. Here’s how it can help you!

Best WordPress calorie calculator plugin

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Looking to enhance your site with practical tools for nutrition and wellness? A calorie calculator is a great way to both engage visitors and help them meet their health and fitness goals.

It’s this kind of content that can really help your audience grow.

But what’s the best way to build a calculator in WordPress without breaking a sweat yourself?

The answer is Formidable Forms!

We’ll show you just how easy this WordPress plugin makes it here in a bit, but let’s first dig into the benefits of WordPress calorie calculators before finding out what makes Formidable the best for the job.

Why add a calorie calculator to your WordPress site?

A WordPress site without interactive features is like a gym without equipment — it simply doesn’t yield results!

Adding a calorie calculator to your site isn’t only about helping people count calories or track their Body Mass Index (BMI). It’s also about sparking engagement to turn visitors into customers or community members.

When users punch in their meals and workouts, they’re getting a lot more than numbers. They’re getting a personalized experience that keeps them coming back for more.

And you? You get a lead generation and engagement goldmine that helps you gain visibility and boost traffic.

 Make Your Calorie Calculator Now!

But here’s the real kicker: a WP calorie calculator isn’t just a flashy tool to wow on the web. It’s your inroad to becoming an authority in the health and fitness space. Each calculation is a chance to connect, offering tailored advice or related products that fit seamlessly into their fitness journey.

And let’s face it, a sleek calculator on your site ups your professional game, making your digital space the go-to spot for fitness tracking and tips.

What kinds of calorie calculators can you make?

The flexibility of Formidable Forms means the sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of calorie calculators you can create. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Daily calorie intake calculator
  • Calories burned calculator
  • BMI and BMR calculator
  • Macro calculator
  • Water intake calculator

With Formidable, you can make everything from a simple calorie counter to a complex fitness tracker without ever having to code.

Want to add a BMI calculator to WordPress? No problem, you can in just a few clicks thanks to this BMI calculator template.

Example of a calorie calculator WordPress plugin

But there are a lot of other WordPress calorie calculator apps out there like MWP Diet Calorie Calculator and WP Calorie Calculator Pro. So what makes Formidable the best?

Why Formidable is the best calorie calculator WordPress plugin

Formidable Forms stands out as the top calorie calculator plugin for WordPress thanks to its advanced features and intuitive drag and drop builder. Here’s why it’s the best in the business:

  • Easy customization: Tailor every aspect of your calculator to match your site’s style.
  • Advanced integrations: Works seamlessly with other WordPress tools.
  • Visual data reporting: Instantly generate charts and graphs from users’ form data with Views.

Easy customization

Unlike other WordPress calculator plugins, it’s simple to tailor your calculator to match the design of your website in Formidable. Whether you’re looking to align with your brand’s color scheme or adapt to the layout for a seamless user experience, the customization tools are powerful and user-friendly.

Adjust borders, choose fonts, and even integrate images without a single line of code.

Your calorie calculator will have both brains and beauty!

Advanced integrations

Another one of Formidable’s strengths is its healthy offer of integrations. You can quickly connect your calculator form to all the most popular email marketing services, payment processors, and CRMs.

For health and fitness sites, this could mean sending automated emails with personalized meal plans or scheduling follow-ups for personal training sessions.

It’s all about creating a cohesive and engaging user experience from start to finish while also making things more efficient for site owners. Because we know how hectic running a website can get!

Visual data reporting with Visual Views

Formidable’s Views take form data and turn it into easily digestible visual reports. This means your calorie calculator does more than crunch numbers — it provides users with an intuitive way to track their health goals through engaging charts and graphs.

It’s a straightforward, friendly approach to health tracking that makes your website a helpful partner in anyone’s fitness journey.

Formidable can do way more than count calories though. Its advanced calculation features mean that with this one plugin, you can build any kind of custom calculator, from a macro calculator for nutritionists to a cost calculator for service providers.

And it doesn’t stop at calculators either!

It’s the best WordPress plugin for creating all sorts of interactive content. Contact forms, quizzes, surveys, event registrations — you name it, Formidable can build it!

Start building your WordPress calorie calculator today

With Formidable Forms, today could be the first day of your site’s success as a health and fitness hub.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today by building a calorie calculator that’s as engaging as it is accurate and watch as your website becomes the go-to resource for wellness!

 Make Your Calorie Calculator Now!

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