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The Small Joys Of April (2021 Wallpapers Edition)

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Let’s welcome the new month with some fresh wallpapers. Designed with love by artists and designers from across the globe, they are available with and without a calendar for April 2021.

Starting off the new month with a little inspiration boost — that’s the motivation behind our monthly wallpapers series which has been going on for more than ten years already. Each month, the wallpapers are created by the community for the community and everyone who has an idea for a design is welcome to submit it — experienced designers just like aspiring artists. Of course, it wasn’t any different this time around.

For this edition, creative folks from all across the globe once again challenged their skills to cater for some good vibes on your screens. The wallpapers all come in versions with and without a calendar for April 2021 and can be downloaded for free. A huge thank-you goes out to everyone who shared their designs with us — you’re smashing!

Last but not least, you’ll also find a selection of April favorites from our archives at the end of this post. Because, well, some things are just too good to be forgotten, right? Enjoy!

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European Capital Of Culture 2021

“The festivities marking Novi Sad as the European Capital of Culture may have been postponed to 2022, but to us, Novi Sad is the cultural, artistic, and educational hub every day. Novi Sad is a wonderful mix of various cultures and traditions, unhurried days, and memorable nights. From hiking endeavors on Fruška Gora Marathon and laid-back picnics in many of our city’s parks and Danube quay, the sounds of tambura coming from local restaurants to Petrovaradin fortress, jumping to the rhythm of global hits on Exit festival, museums and galleries, pubs and nightclubs in Laze Telečkog, the upbeat street of Novi Sad’s urban and night life — Novi Sad welcomes you with its diversity, uniqueness, and passion.” — Designed by PopArt Studio from Serbia.

Sunset In Sydney

I’m Ready For Spring

Oldies But Goodies

Sakura, rainy days, imagination filling up one’s mind with ideas — often it was the little things that inspired the community to design a wallpaper for April. Below you’ll find a selection of some of these almost-forgotten favorites from our archives. Maybe you’ll rediscover an old acquaintance in there, too?

Spring Awakens

“My inspiration was the arrival of spring that transmits a sense of calmness and happiness through its beautiful colors.” — Designed by Margarida Granchinho from Portugal.

April Flowers

“While April showers usually bring May flowers, we thought we all deserved flowers a little early this year. During a stressful time in the world, spending time thinking about others is an antidote to some of the uncertainty. We thought this message, Lift Others Up, reflected the energy the world needs.” — Designed by Mad Fish Digital from Portland, Oregon.

You’re Smashing

A Time For Reflection

“‘We’re all equal before a wave.’ (Laird Hamilton)” — Designed by Shawna Armstrong from the United States.

Purple Rain

“This month is International Guitar Month! Time to get out your guitar and play. As a graphic designer/illustrator seeing all the variations of guitar shapes begs to be used for a fun design. Search the guitar shapes represented and see if you see one similar to yours, or see if you can identify some of the different styles that some famous guitarists have played (BTW, Prince’s guitar is in there and purple is just a cool color).” — Designed by Karen Frolo from the United States.

Egg Hunt In Wonderland

“April is Easter time and I wanted to remind us that there’s a child inside all of us. My illustration is based on the story that fills our imagination since childhood, Alice in Wonderland, and joined to one of the most traditional customs in America at this time of year, the egg hunt. That’s how we get an ‘egg hunt in wonderland’.” — Designed by Patrícia Garcia from Portugal.

Shakespeare’s Birthday

“April 23 sees the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s Birthday, arguably the finest writer England has ever produced. Here’s a jolly little wallpaper featuring some of his most famous quotes.” — Designed by Daniel Rooms from England.

Abril Lluvias Mil

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