The Only WordPress Goal Tracking Plugin You Need

Goals are a significant part of our lives. But tracking them is just as important. And with Formidable Forms, you have the only WordPress goal tracking plugin you need.

Best WordPress Goal Tracking Plugin

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Running a goal tracking WordPress website isn’t easy.

Not only that, but you’re probably busy setting things up, responding to emails, and also trying to get new customers.

It’s a lot to deal with. 

You need something simple and easy. You need a WordPress goal-tracking plugin.

So, meet our friend: Formidable Forms.

Why you need a way to track goals

Whether you’re tracking personal, business, or client goals, having a goal tracker makes your job easier.

It handles the heavy lifting of taking users’ goals and showing them in a way that’s great for you and your client. But what kind of goals can you track with a goal tracking plugin?

Well, where should we start?

  • Business. Track your marketing goals using a goal tracking system. And the best goal trackers will have insights to give you so you can take action to achieve your goals.
  • Clients. If you want a goal tracker, you likely have clients. And using a goal-tracker is the best way to track their goals. Plus, if your goal tracker can show the data to them uniquely, even better!
  • Fundraising. Whether it’s crowdfunding or for a charity, fundraising is always beneficial. And a goal tracker can easily help you manage your fundraising efforts.

But where can you get all of that in one package?

As of November 2022, there’s a new goal tracking solution for WordPress.

We designed it to help track marketing goals, we call it User Flow. It’s part of Formidable Forms.

Today we’re going to show you how it works, what it can do, and also show you a couple of bonus ‘goal tracking’ features that Formidable comes with, too.

Multiple WordPress goal tracking plugins in one

You could spend time downloading multiple plugins for your website.

One for logging your client’s goals, another to track them, and one more to display them in a fun way.

Or, you can choose one plugin to do it all. We think that’s a better option.

Simplify your marketing goals with User Flow

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title=”How to Track Users in WordPress”

First, what is User Flow?

User Flow is the path your customer takes to complete your goal on your WordPress site. And that goal can be selling a product or getting sign-ups for your Ancient Beans-Only Recipe Collection. 

Making it easy for a visitor/customer to reach your WordPress form means more people complete it. This idea is called reducing customer resistance.

And the best way to reduce customer resistance is with User Flow from Formidable Forms.

Formidable's User Flow report

A simple report allows you to answer four simple questions:

  1. Who are your visitors?
  2. Where do your visitors come from?
  3. What did your visitors do on your website?
  4. How did your site visitors get converted into customers?

And with the answers to these four questions, you can take your marketing strategy from good to FANTASTIC!

It’s like entering a cheat code into your conversion tracking.

And all of these examples only involve installing and activating Formidable Forms to your WordPress admin.

Seems too easy, doesn’t it?

Optimize your customer journey

You may know your most popular pages from Google Analytics or Search Console. 

But that only tells part of the story.

You decided to put a sign-up form on your goal tracking website to attract clients. You figure anyone who’s tracking goals may be interested in coaching.

However, your sign-up form is getting overlooked by customers. You just haven’t figured that out yet, though.

Recently, you’ve started using Formidable Forms and noticed its User Flow feature

A contact form user flow report

You turn it on to see how it could help.

A few days later, you check back. There’s a sign-up on your form, and you receive a report of the user’s path.

But, all along the path are breadcrumbs. And they’re telling you what your visitor clicked, how long they spent on a page, and any other actions they take.

Now, you realize the problem. 

It’s taking way too long for your visitors to see your form. So, you add one front-and-center on your homepage. And you include one on all your top blog posts.

Immediately, you see sign-ups start rolling in. 

That’s a small example of the quick benefits of improving your User Flow.

Create a complete fitness tracker solution

Thanks to better sign-up form placement, your client list has been building faster than the new McDonald’s around the block.

You have one client, Veronica, who is excited about her first marathon. She’s ready to start her fitness journey, and you’re ready to help her reach her goal.

But you want her to get the best experience. Goal setting and following her progress via a fitness tracker must be easy and unique.

So, you create a form to enter her runs and other activities.

A simple activity entry form

This information helps you change her training plan as needed, which you can view in Formidable Forms.

The form entry is displayed in the back-end of the plugin

Having this information is great. But how does this help Veronica?

So, you use Formidable Views to create a calendar. Veronica can click on a goal objective and view it using the calendar. People love seeing their consistency over time; a calendar is an awesome way to do it! 

So, you create a nice fitness calculator along with it, and Veronica gets an excellent motivation tool. Win-win!

An activity calendar with Formidable Views

You’d think you’d need a few different plugins for all this. But it only takes one.

Formidable Forms.

And it doesn’t matter the type of goal. With you and Formidable, all objectives are easy.

Support your small business

A few months later, you’ve decided you’re going to invest in and open a gym.

But, you need a way to raise some money to help fund it. And that means it’s fundraising time.

You’ve seen the success crowdfunding has had for many people. And you have enough website traffic and clients to spread the word. But, you want a way for people to track the goal’s progress.

Crowdfunding websites have their own methods. But you want to create your own to continue driving traffic to your website. The hustle never stops, right?

And you remember you have Formidable Forms.

PayPal Donation

You create a quick donation form using one of Formidable’s pre-built templates and publish it on your site. And you also create a fundraising thermometer as your progress bar using Formidable Views for a landing page. So as the donations come in, it’ll automatically update your progress. 

And, just for good measure, you add a contact form at the bottom of the page to connect with any donors.

Last, you check the User Flow in Formidable to ensure your donation form and landing page are easy to find.

No issues yet, but you’ll keep an eye on it and make any changes if needed.

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Why Formidable Forms is the best WordPress goal tracking plugin

Formidable Forms banner

Formidable Forms is the best form builder plugin for WordPress.

It may be confusing. How is a form builder the best WordPress plugin for setting up goals?

That’s how Formidable has evolved over the years. We set out to create the best form builder on the market. But we realized people wanted more than that. And Formidable changed to meet those needs.

All of them.

Now, it does so much more than just form building. Here are just a few of the cool things it can create and do:

  • Make you dinner

Okay, the last one was a joke. But you get the point.

Formidable Forms is the best plugin you can download today.

Make the changes you need with User Flow

Formidable Forms was already powerful in your hands.

User Flow is just another tool in your belt so you can provide the best experience possible. This is just one way you can use the feature, though.

And we love seeing the inventive ways our customers use Formidable to achieve their goals. So, reach out to us and let us know how these features have helped you! If you want more information, keep an eye out for our WordPress video tutorial!

Last, follow us on YouTube for more WordPress tips and tricks!

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