The Most Customizable WordPress Theme-Fancify Real Estate Theme

Introducing Fancify… The Most Customizable WordPress Theme for Real Estate Websites

A quick search on the internet will show dozens of articles and professional ads promising a “responsive,” “free,” or “real estate” theme. However, once you get them and download them, you end up having to try another plugin or provider to be able to implement the features you need for your website. 

In their defence, the real estate business involves multiple transactions, and it is often hard for tech companies to catch up. However, there are a few products that have managed to bring all the features in one place. One of these themes is the Fancify real estate theme.

What Is Fancify Real Estate Theme?

Fancify is the most customizable real estate theme for WordPress, and it is based on the WPL platform. As a native theme to WPL, it has all the features set code by code in order to bring the best real estate website experience to users and admins. 

Fancify is the first real estate WordPress theme that comes with MLS and built-in IDX features. It takes advantage of Elementor page builder, which provides a visually appealing and user-friendly website creation experience, not only for the developers but also for the end users. 

What Makes Fancify an Ideal WordPress Theme for IDX Websites?

Here are a few facts about Fancify that makes it an ideal choice for creating a modern and converting real estate website:

Above all, it is compatible with WPL plugin, which:

To learn more about WPL, check out the following page:
WPL Platform

How to Get Started?

All you need to do is to download and install the theme, explore its features and opt for more advanced ones as you go on. Check out the following page for more information and the download link:
Fancify Your Real Estate

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