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Welcome to the ultimate WordPress Newspaper theme review.

The Newspaper WordPress theme is arguably the most appreciated theme developed and offered by tagDiv. It’s been a top seller for a while and is extremely popular for users who intend to create editorial, news, magazine, blogging, and multi-purpose websites.

It offers amazing features while maintaining the simplicity that users love a theme for. You can create blog posts and articles seamlessly and also develop professional looking news websites with it easily.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Newspaper theme, discussing its features, description, pricing, pros & cons, and a lot more.

Let’s get started.

Newspaper Theme Review: Everything About It

The Newspaper theme is a powerful theme created by tagDiv that is available for purchase at the ThemeForest marketplace or Envato market, with its primary focus on eCommerce and the publishing niche. Developed to manage a large amount of content, the Newspaper theme showcases a classic, graceful, and bold design integrated with the power of versatility.

The Newspaper theme is easy to use for both advanced WordPress users and beginners (although some people may find it a bit technical). It’s a great choice for review, magazine, newspaper, blogging, news, and general publishing websites. The theme also supports YouTube videos and offers mobile-friendly functionalities like retina, responsive, and AMP-ready layers.

It is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, simple and fast to work with. Newspaper is also a next generation theme that has the functionality to be used in handling the content of websites for projects associated with cryptocurrency, food, fashion, lifestyle, personal, luxury, viral, travel, and a lot more.

With a simplified WordPress interaction, it offers you the ability to create everything in a way that is so seamless. One of the primary goals of the Newspaper theme is to ensure that you create your website effortlessly. You can tell your stories however you want without having to mess with a single line of code.

There are also tons of amazing demos (120+) you can explore and then have the best one loaded in minutes. These carefully developed and unique demo websites are all set to go and may even satisfy a professional taste. And with the pre-built demos, users can develop websites designed for a particular audience type.

Then there is the innovative tagDiv Cloud Library that allows users to personalize their website. This is amazing technology that gives you access to massive collections of ready-to-use sections, elements, colors, and templates. All you have to do is drag-and-drop your designs and then customize it how you want, on your front end per your desire.

With no coding required, it significantly improves your development time and allows you to share your stories with your audience quickly. The Newspaper theme also integrates easily with social networking platforms like Instagram and bbpress forum as well as plugins such as WooCommerce (an e-commerce plugin for WordPress) WPML and WPbakery page Builder.

The Newspaper theme also utilizes the leading and clean SEO practices as well as supporting responsive Google ads. And it is Gutenberg and WordPress 5.4 optimized. It is also available in high resolution and is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet explorer, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

The theme was developed by tagDiv first in September 2013 but continuously undergoes updates, with the current version of the theme being newspaper 11.

Newspaper Theme Review: Primary Features Highlight

Listed below are some of the primary features of the newspaper theme:

Newspaper Theme Review: In-depth Feature Analysis

Let’s have a clearer look at some of the major features of this theme.

tagDiv eShop Builder

The Newspaper theme adds fresh functionalities for WooCommerce with more than 27 new drag-and-drop elements for your online store. Some of such functionalities include 27 + WooCommerce shortcodes, unlimited shop layouts that can be used to create as many templates as required seamlessly from the tagDiv Composer, advanced product filters system that will aid your customers in discovering products that you’re searching for, and 8 contemporary pre-built websites that are completely customizable, lightweight, and flexible.

Header Manager

Your website header is one of the first parts of your website that a visitor views. It displays the website’s core intent. With this in mind, the Newspaper theme came up with a completely fresh, unique, and exciting way to customize and personalize your header from the front-end via the header manager.

This function allows users to have unique customizable headers for each page of their website. There are even pre-designed header templates in the tagDiv Cloud Library that you can import after picking your best choice.

Here are customization areas that the header manager window comprises off:

You also get a preview by clicking on each section to see how they will look on your website. Then there is the header live search functionality via which the user can carry out instant keyword search and immediately gain access to varying pages of your website’s content. With this feature, you can seamlessly create a search form and personalize the results shown to the user.

The header manager function also allows you to seamlessly develop your mobile header using the Newspaper theme. It offers tons of mobile relevant items all available. You have access to a small mobile menu icon that opens a list of menu items when clicked. And just like the desktop version, there’s a live search element available as well.

Lastly, the Newspaper theme features a mobile horizontal menu that ensures that you keep your website looking the same across every device.

Smart Sidebars

The Newspaper theme gives you the ability to create numerous sidebars for your website. The smart sidebar feature can then be used to control where and when those sidebars are shown. This gives you the ability to create a sidebar that is associated with a specific category of content on your platform.

So when users are reading an article from the particular category they will see the relevant sidebar as well as its widget displayed. Great use of this feature is creating a sidebar with tons of travel-related content in its widgets and then adding travel-related ads. So when a user is going through a travel article, for instance, they’ll see relevant links, content, and offers in the sidebar.

This would help in boosting the chances of your audience engaging with your platform’s sidebar, which will help to increase conversions.

Smartlist Builder

Publishing collections and lists on your platform is an excellent way to attract new readers and offer easily digestible content for visitors. Fortunately, the Newspaper theme provides a feature that allows you to generate a list via its built-in functionality. You can also use the tagDiv Cloud Library to go through the collection of pre-built templates to get the perfect layouts for your list content.

Whether you use the pre-built list template or the smart list generator feature there are a lot of options for publishing this kind of content on your platform. From long single-page layouts to multi-page lists that motivate the user to click-through, you will find the best template for your list articles using this theme.

Custom Page Builder via tagDiv Composer

Another excellent feature of the Newspaper theme is its tagDiv Composer custom page builder tool. It was created by the same company that created this theme. That said, tagDiv Composer is a content editing tool for WordPress sites.

Since tagDiv Composer was developed with designing unique content layouts for magazine websites, news sites, and blogs in mind. It’s an amazing choice for ensuring that your content has a strong visual appeal. This won’t just help you to capture the attention of your visitors and will aid you in presenting your ideas in fresh and interesting ways.

tagDiv Composer is a magic tool for customizing and creating everything from top to bottom. Beginning from header to pages, elements, templates, posts, sections, and footer.

As already mentioned earlier in this WordPress newspaper theme review you can purchase this theme on the ThemeForest marketplace. It cost $59 for a regular license, which includes lifetime access to all theme updates as well as 6 months of access to support. The support period can be extended to 12 months by paying an additional $17.63. You may want to consider this option if you want someone to reach out to in case issues arise with your website after the 6 month access period expires.

Newspaper Theme Review: Pros & Cons

While this newspaper theme is extremely awesome, every product has its pros and cons. So let’s have a look at them:



Newspaper Theme Review: Conclusion

Without a doubt, the Newspaper theme is an excellent choice for eCommerce, magazine, blogging, and news websites. If you have to create a blog or news WordPress website from the ground up then it will require an insane amount of time and effort. The Newspaper theme comes to solve that problem and saves you a lot of time and hard work.

With so many responsive pre-built templates and designs, seamless integration with other major tools, professional layouts, and total customization via the front-end page builder, the Newspaper theme is an excellent option for building unique and beautiful websites quickly.

The Verdict: Overall, the Newspaper theme is a multi-purpose, versatile, and high-performance theme that is the perfect choice for anyone in the eCommerce and publishing industry.

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