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Welcome to Zeilhan TV!

We are motivating, educating, and helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and businesses across the globe on their journey to success.

At Zeilhan, we believe in the power of the internet, software, and technology to achieve online business success.

We have a goal of helping 1 million small businesses become successful by 2030.

The Boardroom Podcast by Zeilhan, is a show that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners across the world be successful.

We do this by inviting guests with a history and/or expertise in some field related to business, entrepreneurship, and technology.

We want to motivate, educate, and inspire entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe on their journey to success.

We want to speak with and learn from people who have started, sold, or are running a successful business. That doesn’t mean that your failures aren’t important! Tell us your story including the good, the bad, and the ugly. We believe that there is more to learn from failure than success.

We also love to hear the expert opinions of professionals who work with businesses, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Whether they are consultants, accountants, lawyers, or even a mentor of successful entrepreneurs.

This is the place to share your knowledge, expertise, and experience to help other entrepreneurs, businesses, and business owners avoid the mistakes you made and make the right moves you made to improve their chances of being successful.

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