The Best Constant Contact Plugin for WordPress You Need!

Looking for more than the Constant Contact plugin offers? Here’s the best Constant Contact plugin for WordPress to get subscribers today!

Constant Contact’s plugin for WordPress is great for what it does. It gives you the basics to create a form and a little customization to change some borders and buttons. Then, publish.

But what if you want more than basic? You want more functionality. More control. More freedom.

Formidable Forms is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin. Get it for free!

This post will show you the best Constant Contact WordPress plugin (hint: it’s pretty Formidable). And, we’ll show you why it can take your signup forms beyond what you thought possible. We’re confident this will become one of your favorite email marketing tools.

What’s wrong with the Constant Contact plugin?

To be honest, nothing is wrong with the Constant Contact plugin. It’s a fantastic plugin if you’re looking for a simple way to create Constant Contact forms. It’s an easy way to start building an email list.

With over 600,000 customers, Constant Contact is a popular email marketing service, that’s clear. And plenty of people choose Constant Contact’s form builder for their WordPress site.

And it offers an easy way to display your forms.

But, if you’re reading this post, you’ve already used Constant Contact’s plugin. But, it’s not meeting expectations.

You want something better. If you want users to sign up, forms are essential. And you need something easy to use that stands out.

You also want something that works consistently. Which the Constant Contact plugin doesn’t always do.

So, let us introduce you to a Constant Contact form plugin we think will blow you away: Formidable Forms.

Why Formidable Forms is the best Constant Contact plugin for WordPress

Did you know? Formidable Forms has over 300,000+ active installations! If Formidable Forms were a country, it’d have as many people as Iceland!

If you’ve created a website, you’re looking for the ability to customize it to your liking, right? You want the freedom to decide everything from the theme to the products you sell.

With Formidable Forms, we believe freedom is the best thing we can give our customers.

After all, how would we be any different from any other plugin if we gave you no control over your forms?

So, that’s why we’ve built customization into every inch of Formidable Forms. And, we’ve made it easy to do.

Easy Constant Contact integration 🔌

We’ve all spent time scanning documentation for hours. Simply connecting Constant Contact to WordPress can be frustrating. And it’s often come with a headache or two.

But, Formidable Forms is the aspirin for that headache.

Our plugin comes with a built-in Constant Contact add-on. So, connecting your Constant Contact account and getting your forms to your WordPress is simple.

Collecting email addresses for your Constant Contact email lists becomes simple. That way, you can concentrate on connecting with your subscribers and concentrate less on connecting with WordPress.

Simple form builder 👷

You can fill in some form fields, update them, and view them on your website. Sure, that works.

But how about having a drag-and-drop feature for your forms? How cool is that?

With Formidable, you find a form field, click, drag, then drop. It’s that easy.

Building a customized signup form for Constant Contact is done faster than a horse race. This means less time learning how to use your form builder and more time publishing forms.

Form templates to save you time 📄

You can spend time making dinner how you like it, or you can call and get delivery.

In this case, Formidable Forms is like Domino’s Pizza, and we’re ready to serve your form how you like it.

With 175+ pre-made templates, creating a form and showing it on your site only takes a few seconds.

Contact Us forms, polls and surveys, payment forms; it’s all here. And they all look good.

There’s only so much time in the day, and sometimes you have other stuff to do. So, let us take care of creating your beautiful form with one of our templates.

Customization made easy 🎨

Complete customization control. If you see a part of the form, there’s a way for you to customize it. And you don’t have to have any coding knowledge to do it!

Form colors, borders, text size, and button style are all at your fingertips.

Or, if you’re looking for something quick, use one of our style templates. With the click of a button, you have a quick form theme that looks uniform.

That’s form styling at its finest!

There are many options out there. But, with the features Formidable Forms offers, we believe it’s the best Constant Contact plugin for your WordPress website. And we’re constantly improving our product to add new features.

With this post, you learned some top features from us that will catch your readers’ attention and turn them into subscribers.

But, these aren’t the only features we offer with our plugin. Check out the full list of features to see how our plugin is truly the best.

Don’t hesitate, tough. Go grab our plugin and start converting subscribers TODAY with your forms.

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