The Best Alternative to the Gravity PDF WordPress Plugin

Looking for an alternative to the Gravity PDF WordPress plugin? Having a 3rd-party plugin is always challenging. So, here’s a solution that’s all-in-one.

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You’ve been waiting for hours.

You were told you’d get a response from the 3rd-party developer. But you’re starting to doubt that’ll ever come. You hate when this happens. 

You need a plugin where everything is developed in-house. That’ll reduce your headaches. You need an alternative to using Gravity Forms to create a PDF.

Formidable Forms is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin. Get it for free!

Oh, hello there, Formidable Forms.

Gravity Forms PDF (GravityWP) actually doesn’t exist.

The reason is that Gravity Forms doesn’t make a PDF add-on in-house. Instead, Gravity Forms uses three different 3rd-party plugins to create generated PDFs from Gravity Forms entries.

The three solutions are:

But, to understand this model better, let’s look a bit closer 🕵️.

How does Gravity Forms PDF export work?

Gravity Forms mainly focuses on its in-house plugin, a form builder that lets you customize different form fields.

If you want add-ons, you have to download a compatible plugin. And the best ones are “Certified Add-Ons.”

None of these plugins are created nor supported by Gravity Forms. 

So, if you want customer support, you’ll have to contact the plugin makers, not Gravity Forms. And that could mean delays in getting your problem fixed.

Plus, each plugin is excellent for a different purpose.

Fillable PDFs is great for a Gravity Form PDF custom template. Also, Gravity PDF comes loaded with four Gravity Forms PDF templates in its free version.

Or do you want to use Gravity Forms to attach a PDF to notifications? Fillable PDF is your best option. If you need an entire Workflow plugin, Gravity Flow is perfect and can also do PDFs.

So, you’re getting different Gravity Forms PDF extended options, like Gravity Forms print to PDF, with various plugins. So, for example, which would you choose if you use Gravity Forms for PDF invoices?

Not so simple, right?

Plus, the plugins either work on a freemium or a premium pricing model.

For example, here’s how much you’d pay for each plugin and Gravity Forms:

But is Gravity Forms no longer free? It isn’t.

Well, some add-ons are included with a Gravity Forms subscription, right? Yes, some are (many aren’t).

So…you have to pay for both plugins? Why would I do that? You wouldn’t!

There’s another option…👇

Formidable Forms is the Gravity Form PDF plugin for you

We’ll cut straight to the chase.

Formidable Forms handles form export to PDF natively. Install a simple add-on (which we develop and support) with a few clicks, and you’re ready.

If you’re using Gravity Forms as a PDF generator, know Formidable can do everything Gravity Forms can do…and more.

We’ll mention that the Form to PDF feature is available in Formidable’s Business plan, which starts at $199.50/year. However, it’s worth seeing the features you get for the same price or cheaper than Gravity Forms export to PDF options.

For example:

All you have to do is head to your WordPress admin, find your WordPress form in Formidable, and turn on the setting for generated PDF. That’s it.

It’s so easy, and we’ll show you how right here.

Simple PDF setup with Formidable

Imagine you have a beautiful order form (built with Formidable Forms, of course) on your WordPress website.

It’s gathering tons of orders for your business. But you need a way to send the order info to a PDF for customers. So, you enable the Form to PDF add-on in Formidable’s settings.

First, you go into the admin area of your WordPress site.

Next, you go into the Settings of your form to the Actions & Notifications of your form. And here’s where the magic happens.

Easily attach a PDF of entries to email

Gravity Forms sends PDF attachments through 3rd-party plugins.

Any time you add an additional plugin, you invite potential problems.

With Formidable Forms, send your customer a PDF copy with one plugin. Simply click the add toggle, and you’re ready to go.

No downloading an additional plugin, entering usernames and passwords, or API keys.

We told you it was easy.

So, it may be time to change if you’re using Gravity Forms for PDF email attachments.

Download the PDF

Want to download a specific form entry instead?

Great! That’s easy, too.

Under the Entries of each form, Formidable records, well….the entries. Click the entry you want to download and click the Download as PDF link, and you’re set.

Then, display it as a link, as a ‘Download PDF’ button, and any other way you can think of.

You can also use Formidable Views. Easily create a customer dashboard or display the PDF file.

You can even attach the download link to a form submission response.

The options are yours!

Formidable Forms is an excellent alternative to Gravity Forms download PDF after submit method, right?

Formidable does more than forms

If you need a form-to-PDF feature, you’re probably collecting contact information, orders, and other similar info.

And lucky for you, Formidable Forms offers all the flexibility you need at a lower price than Gravity Forms.

Not only do you get easy PDF access, but you also get:

And that’s just scratching the surface. 

You get this and much more for less than you’d pay to use Gravity Forms.

Less is more…for you!

Want to try out your Gravity PDF WordPress plugin alternative?

The options for Gravity Forms to generate a PDF are great.

We’re not trying to say they can’t help you. But, for the same price, you get similar features with Formidable.

We’ll admit that Fillable PDF’s features are pretty good. Advanced fillable PDF template customization options, paper size adjustment, and other great features. 

These features aren’t available in Formidable yet (but keep your eyes out 👀!).

However, if you’re simply using Gravity forms for PDF downloads, then Formidable Forms is often a cheaper and better option for your form data. If you’re unsure, check this post on how easy it is to send a form to a PDF with Formidable.

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