The Best 9 WordPress Plugins to Use This Year

Choosing the right WordPress plugin for the WordPress Platform can enable you to create an almost perfect website design. But “almost perfect” is not good enough in most cases. The design may not have the glamour the designer hoped to achieve. Or it may be lacking in some special functionality which, if added, would make it perfect.

This is what the WordPress plugins do. They are pieces of software that when put to use can improve the performance or capabilities of a website.

There are thousands of great WordPress plugins that can be found in the marketplace and some would lead you to believe that you could design a website that could do anything you could think of.

It doesn’t work quite like that. WordPress themes generally feature a small handful of plugins at most. When they don’t provide everything you need, a few more additional plugins will usually set things straight.

Examples of what a WordPress plugin might contribute to your design will become apparent as you go down this list of 9 essential WordPress plugins for your 2022 projects.

1. Amelia – Automation Of Business Tasks & Interactions

The Amelia WordPress booking plugin will enable you to streamline and automate your business interactions with your clients. For example, it allows them to book an appointment online, for a given time, and with a specific employee when available.

Amelia’s automation system replaces manual or partially automated systems that are generally slower, labor-intensive, and error-prone.

  • bookings can be managed at multiple locations for an unlimited number of clients
  • the work schedule of every employee can be tracked and managed, again at multiple locations
  • clients can go online to change or cancel an appointment 24/7, make payments and receive automatic reminders
  • Amelia’s booking forms also can be customized to match your business’s brand.
  • Amelia can be used for events booking
  • Amelia will save your business a bunch of time and money.
  • Make booking much easier and less stressful for your clients.

Click on the banner to learn more about what Amelia can do for you and your business.

2. wpDataTables – Create Tables & Charts In Minutes

wpDataTables is a power-packed WordPress plugin that enables users to create tables and charts in minutes instead of hours.

It is not only the speed that users appreciate but their ability to easily create interactive, responsive, frontend editable, and easily understandable tables and charts.

  • wpDataTables efficiently manages millions of rows of data from multiple sources and in numerous formats.
  • Users can create tables manually or from spreadsheets, databases, or real-time data sources.
  • Charts can be easily created from tabular data.
  • Key information can be highlighted, and also wpDataTables’ conditional formatting feature can be applied to color code tables and charts to improve comprehensibility.

Click on the banner to see how the wpDataTables plugin has already benefited 50,000+ users and what it could do for you.

3. LayerSlider 7 – Amazing Suite Of Animation, Effects, Templates +

Revealing an impressive set of features, “LayerSlider 7” is the result of more than a decade of software design and web development experience. Continuous improvements have taken this WordPress plugin’s capabilities well beyond those of simply creating sliders.

LayerSlider 7 is the latest and greatest update. This update’s most impressive feature is an advanced and totally redesigned editor that is so powerful and easy to use that its users feel like they are managing with a professional desktop application.

  • LayerSlider 7 gives its users the capability to design virtually anything they can think of
  • Popups that can take advantage of extensive animation capabilities are a unique and exciting LayerSlider feature
  • LayerSlider’s growing library of professionally-crafted templates covers everything from sliders, image galleries, and landing pages to complete websites.

Click on the banner to find out what LayerSlider can do for you.

4. TheDock – Build Your Own Theme Without Learning Code

Even novice users will find this unique theme-building plugin fun to work with as it does not require previous theme-building experience.

  • Users are able to create quality themes that are fast, secure, scalable, and responsive
  • Users also have a nice selection of excellent pre-built templates and modules to work with, and experienced theme designers will benefit from a wealth of customization options

TheDock supports team collaboration.

5. Slider Revolution – Powerful Add-Ons To Boost Design

With Slider Revolution, you can take an attractive yet not-terribly-exciting website and add anything from a touch of glamour to a big serving of pizzaz to it.

  • Slider Revolution can make a website look like it cost 50 to 100 times more to design and build than it actually did.
  • Part of Slider Revolution’s secret lies in its 25+ powerful addons, WebGL animations, and also the ability to import dynamic content from social media sources.

6. Essential Grid – Showcase With Customizable Grid Templates

If you think that in today’s ultra-competitive online world a gallery of still life images of your artwork or products for sale is good enough you have some work to do.

With the Essential Grid WordPress Gallery plugin, you can –

  • display stunning videos, engaging blogs, and audio clips in boxed, full-width, or full-screen layouts.

7. Wordlift – AI Powered SEO Tool To Build A Knowledge Graph

It’s good to know how to optimize your website for the search engines, but you still end up having to do most of the real work yourself.

WordLift uses AI to help you build a Knowledge Graph which will –

  • bolster your websites’ trustworthiness and authority
  • suggest content that is most likely to engage your site’s visitors
  • rapidly grow organic traffic

8. Heroic Inbox – Managing Customer Support With Shared Inbox

The Heroic Inbox plugin will add power to your business’s website by enabling it to place your business’s emails in shared inboxes.

  • All departmental emails can then be managed from a unique source
  • Customer data relating to previous communications can be reviewed during a customer/business dialog
  • Heroic Inbox tracks key business and departmental performance metrics so you can understand how your business and its teams are performing.

9. Tablesome – Advanced WordPress Table Plugin

The Tablesome WordPress plugin helps you create a variety of great responsive table types you can insert into your posts or pages.

Tables can store form submissions from Contact Form 7 (CFDB). Its features include:

  • Multiple pagination options and responsive table display options
  • table sorting by drag and drop
  • text, number, and date range filtering
  • data search and sort capabilities

There is a Pro version available.


With more than 42,000 useful WordPress plugins available in the marketplace you would think that you could create a website that could do anything and everything. There is actually a small handful of plugins that will provide almost anything you might need. Some of which are already incorporated into WordPress themes. There are times however when one or two additional plugins may be needed to set things straight.

This list of 9 great WordPress plugins for 2022 may feature one or more of those “additional” plugins that could make a big difference in your design.

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