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In this article we will present you with some great plugins which will help you embed audio to your WordPress site. Whether you are looking to give your readers something to listen to while reading your articles, or if you are a musician or band manager who wants to promote their music, or if you create and manage a podcast and want your audience to have access to it via your website, the plugins listed in this article will help you achieve it. The plugins in this article are all compatible with the WordPress block editor either via shortcode or directly via a custom block.

Without further ado let’s check out the block editor ready WordPress plugins that will help you embed audio in your posts.

AudioIgniter Pro is the last WordPress audio player plugin you’ll need. Easily and quickly create unlimited playlists with unlimited tracks on each one using the bulk track upload feature, if the tracks have metadata attached to them AudioIgniter will automatically read and apply them to the list. Embed anything, from single tracks, albums, podcast episodes or playlists of entire shows, streams from ShoutCast, RadioJar and more! Embed them in your content in no time using the included custom block, or utilize the shortcode to embed the player in the classic editor, widgets and anywhere else you might want to.

Create unique, fully responsive, compact or extended players with visible playlists that perfectly match your site’s style with the plugin’s built-in Customizer color options. Use the global player which sticks to the bottom of the page to detach the listening experience from the page’s content. Control the starting track, volume, playback rate, and add a delay between tracks to create the listening experience you want for your visitors. The plugin also supports lyrics/descriptions per item, ideal for song lyrics, podcast descriptions etc. Additionally each item has a play URL, a buy URL and a download URL ( both optional).

AudioIgniter also offers a free version which has all the features you need to add awesome playlists to your site and test our the plugin.

Cue by

Cue is another plugin which can help you create and manage audio playlists. It supports uploading tracks via the media manager with automatic metadata detection. The player is fully responsive with a customizable background image and a custom artwork per track. The player can be embedded via its provided custom block or via the available widget and shortcode. A pro version is also available for Cue which adds info regarding visitor interaction, purchase and download links, player themes and more.

Html5 Audio Player – Audio Player for WordPress

Html5 Audio Player is a simple, easy to use and responsive audio player for WordPress. It supports popular audio formats like mp3, wav & ogg. Each player supports a single track for a more focused audio listening experience with autoplay, repeat and mute functionality available. The player can be embedded in the content via the custom block provided or anywhere else via a shortcode. A pro version of the plugin is also available with color customization options, toggleable player controls and more.

Meks Audio Player

Easily enhance your podcast, music, or any audio on your website with Meks Audio Player. The plugin will automatically detect audio in the content and play it in a full-featured sticky audio player. Perfect for personal podcasts, podcasting networks, radio stations, or music websites.

The plugin features player color customization, allows for toggling the appearance of player control elements, supports both the native audio block & the audio shortcode and automatically detects existing audio in the content, offers a timestamp navigation custom block, can be configured to work on posts, pages and custom post types and offers hooks for easier customization.

CP Media Player – Audio Player and Video Player

CP Media Player – Audio Player and Video Player is another flexible audio player plugin for WordPress which supports popular audio formats and can display playlists. The plugin includes several skins for the audio player to offer a more flexible appearance. Players can be embedded in the content via the provided block or anywhere else via a shortcode. A pro version is also available which allows selling files through the player.

Core audio block

What if you just want to embed a single file inside the post’s content without any additional bells and whistles? Well the core audio block is perfect for this job. Drag & drop it anywhere you like in your content select or upload a file from your media gallery and publish the post, that’s it, you have an embedded, responsive audio player for your site, and if your theme developer has included any custom styling, it might look awesome too!

Wrapping up

That’s all for this article. Which is your favorite audio player for WordPress & the block editor? Let us know in the comments below.

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