The 10 Best WordPress SEO Agencies in 2023

WordPress is one of the market’s most popular content management platforms (CMS) — making up 65% of all business websites.

WordPress’s ability for seamless adaptability, user-friendliness, and plug-in ability are just a few reasons why it’s the top choice for many companies. The trick is to know how to manage it, and that’s where a WordPress SEO agency can come in.

Partnering with a WordPress SEO agency will expand what you can do with the CMS while building an SEO strategy that will drive traffic to your website and improve rankings.

Continue to read about some of the best WordPress SEO agencies and how to choose one for your business.

What Is a WordPress SEO Agency?

A WordPress SEO Agency is an agency that provides specialized services in WordPress search engine optimization. They have experience handling WordPress plug-ins, including Yoast SEO, and providing suggestions for improving site speed, organic traffic, and rankings.

WordPress SEO agencies are familiar with WordPress coding and should be able to run site audits for clients to ensure their websites function properly.

Companies that use WordPress to host their website can significantly benefit from working with an agency that understands the front and back end of the content management software.

Best for: Premium SEO content

Headquartered in: Remote

Industries: Fintech, SaaS, and e-commerce

Strengths: Creating keyword-driven content that increases organic traffic and rankings.

Pricing: Custom pricing based on projected ROI and company budgets.

Recognizable clients: Zapier, Panda Security, and Chime

Siege Media is a leading full-service SEO provider with 10+ years of experience working with various content management software, including WordPress. Our excellent team of marketers, designers, developers, and editors have comprehensive experience creating high-quality work for our clients within WordPress.

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what can you can create within the platform, from calculators to interactives. We constantly strive to lend a hand to clients that require site maintenance or are looking to completely upgrade their website, all while keeping SEO best practices in mind.

Publishing content on WordPress is just one part of the puzzle — we know what it takes to make our clients’ websites stand out. We also provide UX recommendations, customized SEO strategies, and digital PR services to grow client’s backlink profile and drive traffic and rankings.

We are an agency that provides excellent SEO strategy and top-of-the-line WordPress support — why not check us out?

2. WebFX

Best for: Data-driven revenue marketing

Headquartered in: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Industries: B2B, B2C, and e-commerce

Strengths: MarketingCloudFX, SEO, web design and development, proprietary data, and content creation.

Pricing: Plans range from $2,500 to $8,000 per month.

Recognizable clients: Furbo, Hilton, and Verizon

WebFX is a digital solutions agency that creates custom SEO strategies for clients based on their business goals. Their team of marketers, designers, and developers helps clients build revenue-driving websites that include custom blog design and SEO.

They offer clients access to their own software tool, MarketingCloudFX, to generate leads and sales using proprietary data. WebFx offers SEO services to fill client gaps, such as SEO site audits, ROI tracking, and AI-powered strategy recommendations.

Best for: WordPress development

Headquartered in: Downers Grove, Illinois

Industries: B2B and B2C

Strengths: Web design and development, SEO, internet marketing, and creative services

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Recognizable clients: Chicago Bears, Gamber-Johnson LLC, and Donnelley Financial Solutions

Straight North is a full-service SEO agency that offers their services to B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes. They practice a collaborative and transparent approach to business and strive to provide excellent customer service.

Their team of professionals helps clients run successful SEO campaigns that increase business revenue, improve client authority in their niche industries, and grow organic traffic. They provide WordPress design and development services for client websites that need a total refresh or maintenance.

Best for: Lead generation services

Industries: B2C and B2B

Strengths: Lead generation, site development, API integration, and page speed optimization

Pricing: Custom pricing based on projected revenue and growth

Recognizable clients: Microsoft, Spinning, and Pink Lily

Coalition Technologies is an SEO and web design firm that provides services for clients in various industries. The agency is committed to client success and providing the highest quality of work.

Coalition Technologies specializes in building extensive WordPress sites that improve website function and user experience. Their team of WordPress developers can help clients customize their websites with themes, e-commerce migrations, and API integration. On the other side, their digital strategists can provide backlink reviews, A/B testing, and SEO recommendations.

Best for: Small businesses

Headquartered in: Sacramento, California

Industries: E-commerce and B2C

Strengths: SEO, Link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, Google Analytics, and on-page optimization.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Thermax, Mr Beams, and adQuadrant

Anuva Technologies is a web marketing agency that aims to provide high-quality solutions and services to its clients so they can meet their business goals. They value long-term client relationships and strive to build a strategic business partnership.

They stand for using ethical and proven SEO strategies to gain rankings and increase client visibility. Their team offers WordPress SEO services, including theme optimization, social media syncs, link building, and content creation.

6. OuterBox

Best for: WordPress site design

Headquartered in: Akron, Ohio

Industries: B2C and B2B

Strengths: Web design and development, on-site optimizations, content creation, SEO audits, and analysis

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Sur La Table, Lowe’s, and Lethal Performance

Outerbox is an e-commerce SEO agency that delivers two-fold — SEO and website development for WordPress. Their team of digital marketing experts works with various niche industries within the e-commerce space to deliver high-performing SEO strategies that drive revenue and grow traffic.

They’re proud to not outsource their WordPress SEO and development services and strive to improve client rankings and visibility on search engines. They also offer other marketing services, including lead generation design, paid search marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

7. HigherVisibility

Best for: SEO migration

Headquartered in: Memphis, Tennessee

Industries: E-commerce

Strengths: Technical and on-page SEO, link building, quarterly reviews, internal strategies, industry citations, and keyword research

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Brilliant Earth and DIP ‘N DIVE

Are you an e-commerce company needing help with ranking your WordPress site? Take a look at HigherVisibility.

HigherVisibility is an e-commerce SEO agency that provides tailored SEO strategies to match your needs. They want to work with companies looking for a partnership rather than just an external doer.

HigherVisibility covers a span of digital services to upgrade your website, including technical auditing, page speed analysis, and search engine accessibility. They also help companies interested in migrating to a new website platform.

Best for: Custom WordPress plug-ins

Headquartered in: Tampa, Florida

Industries: Small to medium-sized businesses

Strengths: SEO, site performance, API integration, plug-in development, and keyword research.

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Ninja Reports

WordPress SEO Experts is a digital agency specializing in—you guessed it—all things WordPress. Their team of WordPress SEO experts has more than 50 years of combined experience.

Their target clientele includes small to medium-sized businesses interested in affordable SEO services. They offer month-to-month contracts that clients can cancel anytime and are committed to providing the best SEO services and achieving great results for their clients.

WordPress SEO Experts offer services for WordPress SEO, web design, monthly maintenance, and custom development.

Best for: E-commerce SEO strategies

Headquartered in: Hollywood, Florida

Industries: E-commerce

Strengths: Technical SEO, keyword research, backlinking, and content optimization

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Steinway & Sons, Hitachi and Rollie

Genius eCommerce is a team of e-commerce SEO experts who strive to help clients improve rankings, increase sales and grow traffic to their e-commerce businesses. They provide clients with access to digital marketing tools and resources they need to become an authority in their niche industry.

They understand what should go into a campaign to meet business goals and the types of content that’ll make the most significant impact. Their team of WordPress SEO experts helps customers create strong websites while providing technical adjustments and strategies that help convert organic traffic into sales.

Best for: Data-driven content strategy

Headquartered in: Raleigh, North Carolina

Industries: B2B, B2C, real estate, and travel

Strengths: SEO, on-page optimizations, site performance improvements, keyword research, analytics, and speed optimization

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Airbnb, SurveyMonkey, Adobe, and Grammarly

Go Fish Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides full-service support for clients. The agency specializes in several CMS platforms, including WordPress.

Go Fish Digital focuses on contextual SEO, like UX improvements and competitor analysis, and technical SEO, like WordPress plug-in suggestions. They also provide digital PR, paid media advertising, and content marketing services.

They’re committed to achieving client goals while openly communicating with their clients, successfully managing projects, and providing unique digital marketing strategies.

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress SEO Agency

If you use WordPress, working with a digital marketing agency that is well-versed in the software makes sense. There are many benefits to partnering up with a WordPress SEO agency:

Working with an SEO agency specializing in your CMS avoids teaching an external team about any WordPress niches or how-tos.

Choosing a WordPress SEO Agency

While each agency specializes in WordPress, how do you know which one to choose? The following factors can help you decide which agency suits your needs best.

After narrowing down your list of agencies, get in touch with them. Most agencies will provide a free quote and website audit. This provides more insight into whether or not the agency is a right fit for your company.

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