Technico and Struct, our popular business WordPress themes, are now part of the Ignition framework

We have just added two brand new themes to our catalog of Ignition Framework based themes, Technico and Struct. Both are business oriented themes with Technico being more construction and building oriented, while Struct is more geared towards software, SaaS, start-ups and mobile apps. Below we’ll take a look at some key features of both themes.

The Ignition Framework

Let’s start with a few words for the framework first in case you haven’t worked with it yet. It comes in the form of an independent plugin. It carries all the necessary templates and functionality which make your site tick and leaves just one thing for the theme to do, take care of the site’s appearance. Due to this, framework based themes are very easy to make sense of and customize because there is essentially no clutter added by non-theme related functionality such as custom post types, popular third party plugin integrations etc. The plugin is common for all framework based themes which means that all required compatibility, security and feature updates can be patched quickly in a single point and pushed to all themes instantaneously.

And now let’s move on to some key theme features.


Both themes come with dozens of customization options built in the WordPress Customizer to help you achieve exactly the appearance you want for your site. You can easily modify the site’s layout, width and column composition, create a unique color scheme by modifying all theme colors globally or for each distinct site section independently (top bar, header, footer etc). Optimize the typography by selecting the ideal font pairing among the hundred available Google Fonts and further tune it by modifying font options for key theme elements. From the Customizer one can also access customization options for the page title section, blog and single post layouts, modify the appearance of the shop and more.

Custom post types

Technico and Struct feature custom post types for portfolio items, team members and services. Combined these can help you communicate every aspect of your business, promote your work and let visitors know about the people behind the magic. Listing pages for all custom post types can be easily created with the use of our GutenBee Post Types custom block, with any other post listing block or with widgets provided by various page builders.

Global Sections

With Global Sections you can easily create and reuse pieces of content on more than 20 key theme locations, such as before and after the header & footer, before and after the content and more. Utilize them to create call to actions, banners, display social feeds and more to capture your audience’s attention. The content for a global section can either be created using the block editor or your preferred page builder.

WooCommerce compatibility

Utilize the built in WooCommerce integration to sell anything with Technico or Struct. Whether you are planning to sell physical or digital products, services or subscriptions, WooCommerce can take care of it, all while looking sharp and perfectly matching the appearance of the rest of your site.


Modern sites need to be fast and responsive. To achieve this our themes avoid loading any unnecessary assets at any point. Additionally the theme’s styles and scripts are served packed and minified to help improve loading times. Finally any assets pertaining to third party integrations are only loaded when their respective plugins are installed and activated to avoid wasting bandwidth.

A great mobile experience

Most people nowadays consume online content using their mobile devices. This is why we’ve designed, built and tested our themes on real devices, not just emulators, this allows us to better understand the needs of mobile users and serve a product that perfectly caters to them.

Flexible content creation

We use the WordPress block editor extensively when it comes to creating our themes’ demos. We test both core WordPress blocks and custom ones provided by our free GutenBee plugin to ensure everything works as expected, we also provide styling where needed in order to match the overall theme’s appearance. However if you prefer to build things visually you can use popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder and more to create great layouts based on our themes.

Be up and running in no time

We want everyone to be able to get up and running with their new theme as quickly as possible. To help with that we have incorporated a helpful onboarding page and built in one-click demo importing functionality. Additionally all framework based themes will soon get variations which will allow the user to modify the layout and appearance of the theme with just a couple of clicks to better accommodate different niches.

Read more about the themes and grab your copies today using the links below.

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