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Hello World,

I’m an indiehacker since I was 19 years old. I’ve built desktop & mobile apps with millions of downloads. A few of those apps hit the top charts on the Google Play store. I have also built two startups (hardware+software and creator marketplace) where I was the only tech guy.

As you can probably imagine, it is very tough for me as to do sales & marketing being a techie. I always used SEO and ASO to generate inbound traffic and downloads. I’m also a blogger since 16 years old. I’ve built a couple of SEO properties with 150,000+ pageviews/mo.

Why am I telling all of this now? Because I had to do the following for every single blog that I have built for my previous products:
1. Get a WordPress blog.
2. Find a lightweight theme.
3. Optimize it for Speed.
4. Optimize it for SEO.
5. Optimize the server for performance.
6. And then keep auditing the blog every now and then to fare well in Google
Lighthouse, GTMetrix, and SEO scores.

It is very painful to optimize WordPress or any other blog installation every time because the blog is not my core product but still my products depend on the blog. At some point, I switched to GatsbyJS from WordPress to build a blazing-fast blog. I released an open-source GatsbyJS starter that feels like Medium. Who doesn’t love Medium’s reading experience? But we can’t use Medium for business blogs because:
1. Heavy Medium branding.
2. Can’t host it on a subdirectory (
3. Risk of competitor’s articles being shown next to our blog posts.
4. Not able to collect leads from blog visitors.

I realized that almost every other company faces the same problem. Large companies hire in-house SEO and site optimization experts. But the rest 90% of companies try to hire freelancers.

What if there is a blogging platform that takes care of setup, maintenance, SEO, and Speed? Users can literally focus on writing content. And that’s how Superblog was born! In fact, Superblog has been in the works for a decade because that is what I have been trying to accomplish with various solutions for my previous products. A decade of my learnings turned into a SaaS!

Superblog is a blazing-fast and SEO-focused blogging platform. The reading experience is just beautiful. It will make your blog visitors spend more time on the page which in turn reflects the quality of the content and your domain. Superblog’s post layout is optimized to convert your readers into leads or to send them to your landing page. Most importantly, it all happens with minimal effort from you!

Once you configure your Superblog, it gets out of your way quickly. You can focus on writing content while Superblog automatically optimizes SEO, speed, and best practices for converting blog visitors into your customers.

I built a blogging platform that I would love to use for writing and reading. It turns out that others also just want something like this. Do checkout Superblog and drop your valuable feedback.

Thank you,
Sai Krishna

– Sai Krishna


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