Summer Update

Goodbye, Summer! ⛱️
(hello, Autumn!) 🍂

DiviFam, just like that, Summer is gone, Autumn is here, and Q4 is well on its way. 😉

Each month, we host a video call amongst all the Divi meetup host community, and the topics of late have a strong Q4 vibe. It’s important to finish the year well and to assess any missed goals at this point. While this is what we mainly discuss during our calls regarding the Divi Meetup Community, the most exciting thing we’re looking forward to is planning our upcoming 4th iteration of our Black Friday Bonanza! So, be on the lookout for the event announcement, fam-jam.

Till then, hold tight and see how our current Divi meetups hosted their Summer/Q3 events.

Check out our current stats and community updates below.

The Divi Community Meetup Network by the Numbers

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Let’s Welcome Our Newest Meetup Host!

Please give a warm welcome to our newest host helping out the Divi New York City crew! Meet Seema!


Seema of Divi New York City

Meet the host, Seema K Talwar:

I am a freelancer who started dabbling with WordPress a few years ago. Over the last three years, I have created websites for photographers and artists using the Divi theme.

I was invited by Divi New York to be part of the team.
A couple of years back, when I attended my first in-person meetup, Patty’s warm hospitality made me feel right at home. Thanks to her, I had the pleasure of connecting with some incredible individuals at the event. Being a part of the team would give me a chance to do so for future members.

We appreciate your help, Seema!

Our meetup groups have been shuffling and moving. Q3 is an interesting and dynamic time of year as we experience hot and cold weather as well as slow and busy schedules.

Read our Divi Meetup Community updates below. ⬇️

Divi Cape Town, South Africa

Divi Cape Town July meetup

From the Host, Dirk Tolken:

Attendees: July-6

We went back to basics on the DIVI builder and had a great session talking about the builder basics. We also all discovered a few forgotten features in the basic use of modules and elusive vertical alignment snippets. All in all, everyone enjoyed the session.

Woot!!! 🤸🏻‍♀️

Divi Chicago July meetup

Divi Chicago August meetup

From the Hosts, Joan Margau:

Attendees: July-6 & August-17

July 2023
The Divi Chicago Roundtable Mastermind was a gathering of the minds. We talked about the upcoming Divi 5.0 changes and the introduction of AI built into the Visual Builder. The AI-generated images could streamline the work process, as images require a large portion of time to generate and produce in context with the website. In our discussion, we discovered how important it is to refresh the knowledge of the fundamentals of how Divi operates. That way we can keep pace with the advancement of this incredible theme that keeps on getting better. Our next meetup is about taking advantage of Divi and how to get clear what Divi can do.
August 2023
We took advantage of Divi. Our meetups are the place to learn from experts like Don Gingold, of Sprocket Websites, who showed us just how many features Divi has to offer. Even if you’re just starting out with Divi, you’ll be able to pick up some valuable information that will help you build websites faster and better than you ever thought possible. Come join us at our next meetup for Part 2, and take your Divi skills to the next level!

Love what you’re doing with Divi Chicago, Joan! 🙌🏼

Divi DFW July Meetup

Divi DFW August meetup

Divi DFW September meetup

From the Host, Tommy Lee & Kent Pilkington:

Attendees: July-12, August-10, September-16

This month, Divi DFW talked about how to build responsive headers and footers using Divi’s theme builder. We talked about the best practices for headers and footers, how to use sticky elements to keep important information at the forefront, and demonstrated how to properly scale them for responsive device sizes. During our meeting, we built a new, responsive header from scratch, live, in 15 minutes. As always, we closed by opening up to questions from our members
August 2023
This month at Divi DFW, we decided to hold a show and tell, where our members brought their best websites made with the Divi Builder. By seeing them and how they were built, our members shared valuable knowledge with each other, that they can apply to their own Divi projects. We’d like to thank our members, without whom this event wouldn’t be possible.
September 2023
This month Divi DFW was excited to be diving into the topic of AI, specifically Divi’s new built-in suite of AI tools for text and images. We dove deep into Divi AI, and showed off this new tool and best practices for leveraging generated content in your development workflows. We couldn’t have done it without the curiosity and input of our members.

Yee, Divi DFW! 🤠

Divi Delhi NCR August meetup

Divi Delhi NCR August meetup (2)

Divi Delhi NCR August meetup (3)

From the Host, Mayank Kumar:

Attendees: August-4

We conducted our first in-person meetup successfully. We invited Saurabh as a speaker as well. In that meetup, we talked about the latest launch of Divi AI and the power of Divi AI.

Divi Delhi NCR, love seeing the meetups! 😻

Divi Los Angeles August meetup

From the Host, Julius Lopez:

Attendees: August-8

This is the one where Divi Toronto and Divi Los Angeles Divi Toronto host Suzie Hernandez invited Divi Los Angeles and it’s host, Julius Lopez, to offer a presentation on the Divi Role Editor.

We had a fun group turn up.

The presentation covered not just the Divi Role Editor but we also walked through what roles are and how third party tools can allow for more granularity in setting unique roles for specific case uses.

This presenter had a great time meeting the Divi Toronto crew.

If you’re interested, this Meetup was recored. So grab some popcorn and follow this link to revisit this presentation.

Keepin’ up with the basics, and the crowd loves it! ✨

Divi NYC July meetup

Divi NYC September meetup

From the Hosts, Mickey, Patty, & Seema:

Attendees: July-12 & September-8

July 2023
Divi NYC, after a hiatus for part of 2023 and our onboarding of a new co-organizer, had our first Meetup on July 20. We welcomed Andrea Cinnamond, a digital marketing strategist and web implementation specialist from Boston, MA to talk about Optimizing Your Divi Site for Mobile with Minimal Coding. Andrea presented a real-time demo of how she builds and optimizes for mobile viewing of here websites. She told us about various tips and tricks that she uses including more general development tips. Andrea’s presentation was very informative and well received.
September 2023
Our September meetup had the topic “Best Practices for E-Commerce and Implementing with Divi”. Presented by Dirk Tolken, organizer of Divi Capetown and Co-founder of Semántica, an agency in Cape Town, South Africa, this informative presentation highlighted those items you must have on an e-commerce site, best practices for layouts and the need to customize product and archive pages in the Theme Builder. The presentation also included a live demo of a Divi e-commerce site.

The attendee response was extremely positive and attendees had many questions. We all felt that we were very well educated and informed about this important topic.

Awesome, Divi NYC!! 😍

Divi PHX August meetup

From the Host, Dennis Dinsmore:

Attendees: 7

Over the summer Divi Phoenix covered topics such as Divi AI, Divi mega menus, and more. We’ve been meeting in-person at a wonderful co-working space located in Midtown Phoenix called CO+HOOTS. They’ve been great and meeting IRL has been such a treat!

So glad we have you, Dennis! 🥰

Divi Sacramento July meetup

Divi Sacramento August meetup

From the Hosts, Rosalinda Huck & Elizabeth Hahn:

Attendees: July-17 & August-13

July 2023
There’s no need to re-create the wheel every time you start building a website! In July, we talked about different ways to establish and use systems in Divi to facilitate a better workflow. Some of the main topics we discussed included the uses of the Divi Library, how and why use the Divi Cloud, ways to organize the media library, and also demos of a couple of project management tools to keep work organized.
August 2023
August marked the the last meeting as official co-organizers for both Rosalinda and Elizabeth. We had organizers from other Divi Meetups pop in to say hello and introduce themselves and their groups, and we finished out the run with a general Divi and WordPress Q&A.

We’ve enjoyed organizing Divi Sacramento meetups for the last 3 1/2 years and thank everyone for attending and participating. We’ve enjoyed meeting so fellow Divi and WordPress users from across the country and around the world! We hope you continue to learn and attend as many Divi meetups as you can. And if you are interested in volunteering to be an organizer for Divi Sacramento, be sure to get in touch with Raquel.

Oh, Divi Sacramento, soo good! We’re going to miss you! 😭

Divi Uyo July (2)

Divi Uyo July (3)

From the Host, Benjamin Offiong:

Attendees: July-6,

Our first-ever Divi Uyo meetup was an absolute splash…literally! It rained cats and dogs, but did that deter us? Heck no! We were on a mission to make this event a success, and we were ready to weather any storm that came our way!

We had six people show up for the event in spite of the rain.

We gathered for a meet-and-greet and boy did we do some serious meeting and greeting! The excitement was contagious as we delved into the wonderful world of the Divi Page builder and all those nifty Divi tools. Two adventurous souls even confessed they hadn’t heard of Divi before, but they were willing to jump on board and explore its marvelous features. Welcome aboard, my friends, the Divi ship is setting sail!

Amidst all the tech talk, we also shared our web development and design journeys. You know, the ups, the downs, the “Why did I choose this career?” moments. It was like a support group for web developers, and we realized we were not alone in our struggles. We even had some laughs over coding mishaps and other tech-related challenges in our community that made us question our sanity.

But wait, there’s more! One bold attendee piped up and said it was his first-ever community event! Can you believe it? A Divi meetup rain baptism, lol! We were thrilled to have them with us, and their joy and gratitude warmed our soggy hearts. We know, it’s hard to believe that a community event can be so much fun, but we Divi enthusiasts sure know how to party!

By the end of the day, we were all drenched, but we didn’t care. Why? Because we had been introduced to the powerful and dynamic web page builder that makes coding feel like child’s play – Divi! It’s like having a super cool sidekick that does all the heavy lifting while we sit back and sip our tea.

So, folks, if you missed this event, you missed a shower of knowledge and camaraderie. But don’t fret, we’re planning more exciting meetups where you can come and join the Divi party. Until then, keep coding, keep designing, and remember, with Divi by your side, you’re destined for web development greatness!✅ #DiviUyoNation #Meet&Greet

So excited for you all, Divi Uyo! 🙌🏼

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