Setting Up WordPress, Starter Templates & Astra | How to Build a Website With Elementor

Let’s install WordPress setup the Astra theme and import a starter template. 🟣 This video is part of a course / playlist. Make sure you follow it in order:

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In this video, we discuss how to setup WordPress, how to import a ready-made web design with Starter Templates, and how to setup the WordPress Astra theme.

If you want to now to how build a website with Elementor and WordPress, make sure you watch the rest of this FREE course, and you’ll be on your way to create a modern website with Elementor.


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📌 Table of Content 📌


📌 Table of Content 📌

00:00 – Setting Up WordPress, Starter Templates & Astra
00:11 – Course Advisory
00:34 – Accessing The WordPress Admin From The Web Hosting Panel
00:59 – Installing The Starter Template Plugin
01:10 – Importing An Elementor Ready-Made Design
01:34 – Course Files
02:55 – Why Using The Astra Customiser
03:59 – Publishing The Privacy Page
04:42 – Organising Our Pages
05:34 – Reading Options
05:59 – Customizing The Identity Of Our Website
06:03 – Typography
06:38 – Global Color Palette & Theme Colors
08:15 – Scroll To Top
08:57 – Smooth Scroll To ID