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Cold calling is not for the faint of heart. Finding accurate, verifiable contact information for sales calls can be daunting, especially if the list you’re following needs to be updated. Thanks to artificial intelligence, software platforms can streamline the cold outreach process by providing verified data that B2B marketers can use to build sales leads easily. One of these such programs is Seamless AI, which has been gaining momentum over the last year. In this post, we’ll showcase Seamless AI’s features, pros, cons, and pricing so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting if you sign up. Let’s get started. Table Of Contents 1 What is Seamless AI? 2 Features of Seamless AI 3 Get Started with Seamless AI 4 Seamless AI Pricing 5 Seamless AI Pros and Cons 6 Final Thoughts on Seamless AI What is Seamless AI? Seamless AI is a sales prospecting software built with generative AI that finds and develops sales leads. In fact, it serves as one of the best AI sales tools on the market for maximizing revenue. It’s quite popular with business-to-business (B2B) professionals mainly due to the verified data it provides for building leads. It also includes an AI writer tool trained specifically on sales copy so that you can easily craft cold outreach emails. The software lets you easily build your sales pipeline and discover potential clients with valuable tools, such as firmographic filters and business insights. The real-time search engine finds and validates emails and phone numbers of business professionals, helping users build accurate lead lists and connect with the right prospects to drive sales and marketing efforts. With that said, let’s look at how Seamless AI accomplishes these feats. Features of Seamless AI Several features make Seamless AI worth using. First and foremost, it has the most comprehensive AI-powered sales lead search engine on the market. It also provides powerful integrations, a Chrome extension, and several pro add-ons to raise the bar for sales prospecting. Let’s go over the features and highlights of Seamless AI to determine if it’s worthy of the price tag. Real-time Search Engine for B2B Sales Leads Seamless AI is best known for its extensive database of professionals, with over 1.9 billion contact and company records verified in 2023 alone. It provides a real-time search engine for B2B sales leads with an easy-to-use interface. It’s designed to reduce the time spent on sales prospecting and increase the time spent selling. Users can search for the right people to contact, build accurate lead lists, and, in turn, meet their sales goals. Chrome Extension Another selling point is their Chrome extension, which turns your web browser into a powerful sales tool. With the extension, users can easily find phone numbers and emails, allowing them to find good leads anywhere across the internet, including social media. Using a proprietary fly-out menu, users can create lists, find their target prospects, and add them to their favorite CRM without leaving the browser. It works by right-clicking on any contact on any website, and the Chrome extension will retrieve contact information automatically. Powerful Integrations One of the best features of Seamless AI is its integrations. By connecting your favorite tools, you avoid the back and forth between different software, allowing you to do more in less time. For example, Seamless offers compatibility with most of the best customer relationship management (CRM) software. Integration with popular tools such as Hubspot, Keap, Zoho, and more, you can keep your customer lists up to date and add new contacts with ease. Pitch Intelligence (Pro & Enterprise Plans Only) Pitch Intelligence is Seamless AI’s sales intelligence tool that provides customized insights for every contact, allowing users to lead conversations that matter most to their prospects. It helps reveal their prospect’s technographic, a marketing segmentation used to identify and profile the characteristics and behaviors, so you’ll know exactly what tools they use, what they use them for, and how long they’ve been using them. AI Writer Tool (Premium) The AI writer tool is an add-on feature offered through Seamless AI’s higher-tiered plans. It uses generative AI trained on sales copy to assist users in creating sales-driven copy for sales reps to use during their pitch. It can also be used for email and social media marketing. AI Writer works by answering a few quick questions about your brand, choosing a pre-defined prompt or entering one of your own, and watching as Seamless AI Writer gets to work. The writer is perfect for follow-up, cold outreach, upsells, cross-sells, social posts, or messaging for any sales cycle stage. Autopilot (Premium) Seamless AI also offers an easier way to build your contact lists. Autopilot is an AI-powered list-building monster that scours the internet in the background, digging up thousands of new leads in minutes. Not only that, Autopilot will take the extra step of verifying the contact’s information, such as emails and phone numbers. That way, you can concentrate on messaging rather than building prospect lists. To take advantage of Autopilot, you must pay an additional monthly fee. Buyer Intent Data (Premium) Discovering your potential buyer’s intent to purchase is quite valuable when conducting keyword research. By examining what shoppers want, you’re better prepared to offer them what they want. The same concept applies to sales prospecting. Knowing what your potential targets intend to buy goes a long way in preparing your sales pitch. With Seamless AI’s buyer intent data, you’ll be better positioned to identify cross-selling opportunities, discover ready-to-buy clients, and speed up the sales cycle with actionable data. Like other premium add-ons, this feature requires either a Pro or Enterprise plan or the purchase of additional monthly credits. Get Started with Seamless AI Seamless makes setting up your account easy. Start by clicking the Get 50 Free Credits button in the navigation menu on the Seamless AI home page. Next, enter your contact details, agree to the terms of use, and click the Agree & Sign Up button. You’ll be prompted to install the Chrome extension on the next screen. By installing it, Seamless will give you 20 free leads. If you wish to install the extension, ensure that you’re using the Chrome browser and click the Install Chrome Extension button. Alternatively, skip this step by clicking the link underneath the graphic. You can do so on the next screen if you have a CRM to connect. Otherwise, you can skip that step for now and connect one later. Setting Up the Seamless AI Dashboard After completing the sign-up, you’ll get your first look at the Seamless AI interface. We’ll need to set up our ideal customer profile before we can browse the available tools. Seamless will ask you what departments you sell to, the size of the company you wish to target, and the industries you sell to. Running Your First Sales Search You’re ready to conduct your first search upon completing the setup wizard. Seamless AI provides an intuitive way to find contacts based on filters. You can search by seniority level, department, job title, industries or technologies, companies or websites, and location. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a list of recommended contacts. These contacts appear based on the answers you provided during setup. We selected IT & Technology during setup, so the contacts on our list are all decision-making employees in that industry. To add to the list, we’ll want to run a search. For example, if you’re an up-and-coming pet food manufacturer looking to secure distributors to sell your pet food, you could use Seamless AI to help you find who to contact. We’ll conduct a search based on our example to demonstrate how easy Seamless AI is. For senorities , select C-level, VP, and Director since those are most likely the roles able to make decisions on new products. Under departments , choose sales and marketing. For the title , enter an exact match, such as marketing director, or leave the field blank. Choose retail for the industry . Finally, type in Petco, Petsmart, and Pet Supplies Plus as the company . Once all fields are populated, click the search button to continue. Once the search is completed, you’ll gain access to hundreds of executives within those three pet store companies, complete with contact information for each. Saving a Contact After successfully running your first search, you’ll want to browse the contacts to find a good lead. Once you locate one you’re interested in, click the Find button next to their contact details. Seamless AI will scour the internet for relevant information for the contact, including email addresses, phone numbers, locations, and social media accounts. To add the contact to a list, click the set lists link in the contact’s details. The dialog box that pops up will allow you to save the contact to a list. Since we’re new to Seamless AI, we’ll want to create a new list to house our contacts. Give your list a name, such as pet stores , and click the + Create List button. Select your newly created list in the list section and click the save button. Once you start adding contacts and creating lists, they will be visible along the left-hand side of the dashboard in the tools section. You can browse contacts, view companies, enrich existing contact lists, review job changes, and browse training courses. Premium add-ons such as Intent and AI Writer are also in the dashboard but will only be available once you purchase them. Seamless AI Pricing Seamless AI offers four plans to help you get the most out of it. Although they don’t list pricing on their website, we obtained pricing for their most popular plan, the Basic. First up is the free plan, which gives you 50 credits and limited features but is an excellent way to start. The Basic plan, priced at $147 monthly, provides 250 credits in addition to the free tier, which includes basics such as email addresses, cell phone numbers, premium integrations, a self-serve knowledge base, and live training. Pro and Enterprise plan pricing is only available through a custom quote. Add-ons, such as the AI Writer, job changes, Autopilot, data enrichment, and buyer intent data, are available for an additional fee. Seamless AI Pros and Cons Seamless AI is an excellent tool for allowing B2B marketers to source new leads. It has many upsides, including a user-friendly interface, excellent lead generation, and up-to-date contact information for business professionals. However, there are a few pitfalls, too. For example, the free and Basic plans don’t provide email verification, leaving it up to the user to determine if it’s valid. Other issues include the occasional bounce back of email IDs and spotty customer support. That said, the good definitely outweighs the bad. The Good Stuff One-click sync with popular CRMs Intuitive user interface Excellent lead generation tools Great for sourcing up-to-date contact info for professionals The Not So Good Stuff Minor UI glitches from time-to-time Some users report occasional invalid emails Users on free and Basic plans must verify email info independently Customer support can be hit or miss Final Thoughts on Seamless AI Seamless AI is a powerful ally for B2B marketers seeking to get ahead on cold outreach. With generative AI tools such as Autopilot and User Buyer Intent, you can streamline the process of finding good leads and focus on the messaging. Other features such as the real-time search engine, AI Writer, and Chrome extension make it easy to find contacts anywhere online and draft strong marketing copy to pitch to them. Other strong features are the user-friendly interface, premium add-ons for pitch intelligence, and the free plan. However, Seamless AI does have some drawbacks. To take advantage of everything the platform offers, you must pay extra for premium features, and the Basic plan costs close to $150 monthly. Premium and Enterprise plans offer the most, but finding out pricing requires a sales call and demo, so those plans are likely to be more expensive for smaller businesses. Overall, Seamless AI is an excellent platform for finding new leads and will give sales reps better results through quality contacts.

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