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We understand the importance of time in the fast-paced world of web creation, and our commitment is to empower you with tools that not only spark creativity but also enhance your overall efficiency and workflows. Elementor’s AI for containers is designed to enable you to achieve more in less time and bring your web-creation visions to life instantly. Empowering Web Creators with AI Technology Empowering Web Creators with AI Technology

Elementor has a rich history of innovation, from introducing our drag & drop editor to revolutionizing web creation in the WordPress ecosystem. Today, we are proud to announce a new era of web creation that empowers creators through generative AI technology. This cutting-edge feature spans structure, layout, design, and content, all while preserving the open-source ethos that allows you to customize every aspect of your website. In this exciting phase, our AI for containers capability is set to redefine the web creation experience by not only unlocking creative possibilities but also by saving web creators a tremendous amount of time. By leveraging generative AI technology, users can now streamline their workflows, allowing for a more efficient and productive web creation process. This means more freedom for refining ideas, experimenting with new concepts, and focusing on the aspects of web creation that truly matter to you. Revolutionizing Web Creation with AI-Powered Container Layouts Revolutionizing Web Creation with AI-Powered Container Layouts

In our latest update (Elementor version 3.18), Elementor is taking a significant step forward by introducing AI-generated containers. This marks the first phase of our exciting journey into the area of AI-enhanced web creation. With this release, users can now generate containers using any Elementor widget, opening up a world of possibilities for creative expression. Three Levels of Container Generation with AI Three Levels of Container Generation with AI

Bring Your Vision to Life Effortlessly with Text-Based Container Generation Bring Your Vision to Life Effortlessly with Text-Based Container Generation

Until now, Elementor AI focused only on text, code, and image generation and editing within Elementor widgets. This newest release takes it a dramatic step further. Now, Elementor AI empowers you to instantly generate complete container layouts and content from the ground up using a simple prompt. This not only saves you a remarkable amount of time but also enhances your workflow and sparks creativity. Simply describe the section you envision within a prompt, and let Elementor AI do the heavy lifting by constructing the layout and populating it with content. Want more possibilities? Just re-generate the results to explore other variations that align with your request. And here’s a pro tip: Use our prompt enhancer to craft even better prompts. It automatically suggests additional details to place within your prompts, thus refining your generated results and ensuring your creativity knows no bounds. Elevate Your Design Concepts with Elementor-Based Container Variations Elevate Your Design Concepts with Elementor-Based Container Variations

Unlock fresh design possibilities and boost your creativity with Elementor-Based Container Variations. This feature transforms the way you enhance your website’s design and inspires your imagination. By leveraging existing Elementor layouts as a starting point, you can seamlessly generate variations that blend with your own design ideas. Our AI capability allows you to retain the container’s layout and widgets while it customizes multiple elements, including content, images, fonts, colors, and even icons. The outcome is a rapid creation workflow, enabling you to achieve a design that mirrors your unique style without the hassle of manual rebuilding and adjustments. Whether you want to reuse layouts on a new website or conduct A/B testing between designs, this capability has you covered. Simply select a container, right-click, choose “Generate Variations with AI,” add a prompt to specify your design adjustments, and voilà  – receive three new design variations tailored to your vision in record time [Coming soon] Fuel Your Inspiration with Web-Based Container Generation  Fuel Your Inspiration with Web-Based Container Generation

Take your web creation to new heights with the cutting-edge approach of Web-Based Containers – an extraordinary solution for your creative aspirations. Simply input a specific URL, choose the section you want to reference, and watch the magic unfold as Elementor AI goes to work. This advanced feature opens up the entire web as your inspirational playground and allows you to focus on what matters most – taking your ideas and making them work without having to struggle. The results? Generative Elementor-compatible layouts seamlessly integrated into your website. All you need to do is write a prompt to articulate your specific requests, and AI will refine the style and content, providing you with three variations—all while preserving the original structure. Importantly, rest assured that copyrights are reserved, and the layout and styling will not be copied but rather used as a reference, ensuring your designed layouts remain uniquely yours. Embrace the future of web creation with Web-Based Containers, where innovation seamlessly integrates with user-friendly functionality. Explore the Elementor Prompt Library for Maximum AI Insight Explore the Elementor Prompt Library for Maximum AI Insight

At Elementor, we understand that crafting compelling prompts is key to maximizing the potential of our AI tools. To assist you on this journey, we’ve curated the Elementor Prompt Library—an invaluable resource for users to draw inspiration, learn the art of prompt writing, and seamlessly integrate AI tools alongside the Elementor editor. Composed through the lens of web creators’ needs and aspirations, the Prompt Library is designed to boost your creativity, enhance your prompts, and elevate your web creation experience. Explore this rich library for inspiration and guidance, ensuring your prompts unlock the full power of Elementor’s AI capabilities. Join the Revolution Join the Revolution

Join us on this remarkable journey as we harness the potential of AI to revolutionize the way web creators build and design websites. This new capability is now available with all our current AI plans, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and creative control. Simply activate the “Build with AI” experiment with 3 easy steps and get started: 1. Under the Elementor menu in WordPress dashboard press settings 2. In settings choose the Features tab 3. Look for the Build with AI experiment and set to “active” (This experiment requires container experiment to be active as well) Unsure if it’s the right fit for you? Test it out in our AI free trial and experien Looking for fresh content? By entering your email, you agree to receive Elementor emails, including marketing emails, and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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