Qi Theme Review – Free WordPress theme packed with 100 demos

It can get frustrating when looking for a beautiful free WordPress theme to launch your website. There are many free options available, and only a few stand out as excellent themes that fulfill the users’ expectations.

Qi theme by Qode Interactive is one of those rare and brilliant WordPress themes with premium features that users can acquire free of cost. Most of the Qi theme’s features are only available on premium WordPress themes. If you’re tired of looking for a free WordPress theme that fulfills your need, worry not, Qi just might be the one for you.

No matter what kind of website you’re planning to create, be it blog, portfolio, online store, Qi got it all covered. It is a one-stop destination for all your needs. So, it doesn’t matter if your firm is big or small; Qi delivers what you need for your website to work.


Apart from all the premium features it offers, Qi doesn’t compromise on other areas. It is packed with 100 demos where the users can choose from various layouts of different categories. All of them are fast-loading demos that provide a wonderful experience for your users. You could build stunning websites by just picking your favorite demos and start customizing them. 

This theme makes it easy even if you don’t have any experience in coding. You can easily customize anything with just a few clicks, as this theme is designed with flexibility in mind.

It also has an excellent support system in the form of video tutorials and documentation, in case you get confused with anything.

Along with the Qi theme, you should also install the Qi Addons for Elementor plugin by Qode Interactive as it adds some exciting widgets to the Qi theme, all free of cost. The Qi Addons for Elementor is one of the largest free Elementor addon collections you can find. It has dozens of widgets for every single need. You can easily select the widgets and customize them according to your requirement. With 60 free widgets, the Qi plugin seamlessly integrates with the theme and improves the customization experience.

The installation part can get tricky for some users, but installing the Qi theme is as easy as it can get. You could easily install the free Qi theme from the official WordPress.org theme repository.

The theme will be activated, and you can start customizing the theme by clicking on the ‘Customize’ button.

After installing this theme, you must install the Qode Essential Addons plugin that provides customization options.

To install this plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins > Add New, search for “Qode Essential Addons,” and install the plugin. Click on the ‘Activate’ button to activate the plugin after installation.

Finally, you must install the Qi Addons For Elementor plugin for accessing the demo sites provided by the Qi themes.

To install this plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins > Add New, search for “Qi Addons For Elementor,” and install the plugin by clicking the ‘Install Now’ button. Activate the plugin after installation.

After installing these plugins, the theme is ready to go.

Key features of the Qi theme:

This Qi theme is feature-packed covering most of the modern features you’d like to see on any WordPress theme. Significant features include a broad selection of headers and footers, easy-to-configure blog posts, creative portfolio designs, and complete WooCommerce support.

You must install the Qode Essential Addons plugin to access some of these features.

Let’s look into these features in detail:

1. Shop:

Qi theme checks all the boxes required for creating a perfect online shop for your website. It is fully compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin with easy payment integration and delivers a beautiful eCommerce experience. 

You can attractively display your products simply by using the collection of pre-built shop websites. Also, promote your products by using the individual product templates, displaying related products on single product pages, adding customer reviews, marking items on sale, social share buttons, etc., and additional product widgets provided by Qi addons for Elementor.

2. Portfolio:

Create stunning websites with a beautiful collection of ready-made layouts packed with this theme. The elements on this theme help you display a list of all your projects innovatively.

You get a great number of fully customizable project templates to choose the one you like and customize it further until it matches your needs. Along with that, there’s also a custom layout for displaying your projects.

3. Header & Footer:

Only a few themes enable you to customize the header and footer as much as the Qi theme. With the Qode Essential Addons plugin, you get an in-depth header and footer customization.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click Qode Essential Addons > Options > Header to access this setting.

Choose your header styles and simply drag-and-drop your menu items to create the menu. Feature widgets and a search button to make your header more useful.

You can also set different logos for mobile headers and customize them with an additional option for portable devices.

Customizing footers is also easy. You can enable top and bottom footer areas, choose to place your footer in a grid, change the background color or include a background image, and much more.

4. Performance:

Usually, themes with high customizability and advanced features will lead to slow page load times, which is not a good SEO practice. But that’s not the case with the Qi theme. With all the advanced features, it still maintains very high scores on the popular performance monitoring websites. 

This is because the Qi theme has put special efforts into reducing the file sizes and is developed to satisfy all the requirements of the modern industry standards. Your website is sure to be swift with blazing fast loading times built on the Qi theme.

5. Layouts:

Page layout is an essential aspect of creating a website, and Qi provides tons of customization here. You have the option to display your content in a boxed layout and enable grid layouts for different sections.

You can also edit the layout with further options like full width, asymmetrical, paddings, Passepartout, and more.

6. Typography:

Working on the Qi theme is a visual treat as over 1000 Google Fonts are available to display content on your favorite fonts. It can also adapt typography for all the labels on your website and has separate typography options for different heading tags.

7. Blog:

The Qi theme has everything you need to create a modern blog page. It contains elements for displaying lists of your posts and adjusting the appearance of blog list items. 

It has flexible single post templates that enable you to change backgrounds, paddings, and more. You can also choose from six available sidebar layouts for your blog lists and can easily configure the blog carousel slider to display all your single posts.

Starter Demos:

Apart from all the great features the Qi theme offers, the one feature that stands out to be the most important is the variety of demo sites it offers. The Qi theme contains 100 different demo sites for almost every niche you’ll ever need.

You can access the demo library by going to your WordPress dashboard > Qode Essential Addons. On the Welcome Page, click on the ‘Import Demos’ button to import the demos.


The Qi theme is absolutely free to use, and every feature discussed so far in this article can be acquired with the free version of the Qi theme. 

However, you can also choose from the collection of premium themes for the various niches they provide. By selecting the premium themes, you get access to more advanced features that’ll further let you customize the website you desire to create.

Final thoughts:

If you’re a person who likes to have multiple options and looking for in-depth customization with minimum to zero efforts, then, Qi theme is the one for you. It has a collection of 100 demo sites to choose from with tons of in-depth customization features, all of this with blazing-fast performance and fast page loading speed; you cannot go wrong with this theme.

It lives up to modern standards, doesn’t compromise on anything, and nails the basics. It also contains fantastic demo sites for blogs, shops, and portfolios required for most people today.

Overall, this is an impressive theme and gets an easy recommendation from my side. I had a wonderful time testing this theme, and I’m sure you’ll love the experience as well.


Features 4.5/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Support 5/5
Documentation 4/5
Value for money 5/5
Overall 4.7/5

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