Profitable Local Business In 1 Hour: WordPress, Elementor, On-Page SEO (AI Local SEO Course PART 2)

In this tutorial, we dive deep into the essentials of setting up your cleaning business website from scratch.

Learn how to navigate the complexities of domain setup, WordPress installation, and theme customization with Elementor. Whether you’re tackling SEO for the first time or looking to refine your online strategy, this video is your one-stop solution to dominate the cleaning industry online.

0:01 – Deployment Begins: Setting Up the Name Service
0:03 – Adding Name Servers in Namecheap
0:15 – Benefits of Using Easy Blog Networks & Cloudflare
0:22 – Unique IP Addresses and Hosting Isolation
0:36 – Switching to Custom DNS in Namecheap
0:45 – Explaining DNS Changes and Their Impact
1:01 – Accessing the Front End and WordPress Dashboard
1:10 – Choosing a Basic Theme for the Site
1:28 – The Challenge of Pre-Built Themes
2:00 – Directing to Elementor for Page Building
2:24 – Elementor Activation and Utilizing Free Version
3:00 – Discussion on WordPress Versatility vs. Other Platforms
3:35 – Transitioning to Hello Theme for Elementor
4:01 – Selecting a Professionally Designed Template
4:22 – The Importance of a Secure Website
4:51 – Previewing the Live Website
5:01 – Editing with Elementor for Customization
6:05 – Searching for a Hero Image with ChatGPT Assistance
7:08 – Optimizing Image Size for Website Speed
7:35 – Fine-Tuning Service Sections on the Website
8:12 – Focusing on SEO Content to Rank on Google
8:22 – Introduction to Surfer SEO for Content Optimization
9:07 – Utilizing SEO Tools like Yoast for Backend Optimization
10:00 – The Limitations of Standard SEO Tool Recommendations
11:03 – Using Surfer SEO to Determine Content Length
11:51 – Generating Content with ChatGPT Based on SEO Recommendations