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Hey Product Hunt ?

Pressnative can turn a WordPress news website into a fully native iPhone and Android app in minutes. You can build, customize, and preview an app for free.

With presence on the app store, publishers can benefit from interactive push notifications to engage their readers, build a personalized onboarding experience, and provide in-app exclusive content.

We aim to lower the barrier for having a well made, beautiful, and native app on both platforms, iPhone and Android. Agencies take a lot of time and are not quite affordable, not to mention costs related to maintenance, bug fixes, and regular OS updates. Now you can launch your apps instantly and we will do the rest!

Our apps come with great reading features:
❤️ Likes, sharing, and ? reading lists.
? Offline reading.
⏳Reading progress and time
? Listen to articles
? Dark mode

We are offering early access with a 50% discount *for 48 hours only* and waiving set up fees ($299) to the Product Hunt community with promo-code: PH2020.

Thank you all and we hope you enjoy Pressnative!

Superb idea. I tried it and finally got my apps on Google Play and Apple AppStore. It was a dream, and it became real because of Pressnative. Thanks, Amr <3

Pressnative helps us:
– Give our users an easy way to read our ads
– Mobile push notifications which we desperately need
– Enter the mobile app advertising scene, I heard that it is more rewarding than web ads, let’s see! But thanks again Pressnative for giving us the opportunity to explore it.
– Have more assets for our company, which will help us again monetize better, more placements for our clients

Without Pressnative:
– We simply dropped the mobile app idea because of the hectic of managing developers, cost-wise, and the regular maintenance dilama.

Pressnative is going to (and already is) revolutionise the making of mobile websites. With a sleek interface, initiative UI/UX and a fantastic and dedicated team, Pressnative has been nothing short of fantastic.

For Egyptian Streets, the most difficult process was getting our app on the App Store (which is just a matter of time really). Otherwise, everything has been smooth and without any hiccups.

Pressnative allows us to ensure our mobile content is more accessible and able to be experienced in a far better fashion.

I look forward to seeing it grow and drive a mobile app revolution!

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