New Elementor Portfolio Widget Tutorial | Elementor Pro Tutorial

This video is all about new Elementor Portfolio Widget tutorial. Portfolio element is the part of Elementor pro plugin. So in order to use Elementor Portfolio widget, you will need to install Elementor Pro plugin on your website. The items shown under portfolio will be filterable. You can filter the items according to tags, categories, etc.

In this dummy website, we have WooCommerce plugin installed. So we cal also use WooCommerce products in Portfolio and the products can be filterable using categories and tags.
If you have any third party plugin to create portfolios then also you can use this widget to show filterable portfolio items in Elementor.

You can also use Custom post types to create different portfolio items and show them on the pages.

👉 In this video, I have tried to cover following topics:
➤ Elementor Portfolio Widget tutorial
➤ Filterable portfolio items in Elementor
➤ Elementor Post Portfolio
➤ WooCommerce products portfolio

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I hope this video will help you create filterable portfolio items using Elementor Portfolio Widget.

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