Molti – Divi Child Theme Overview

Molti is a multi-purpose Divi child theme with over 15 pages, 6 headers, 6 footers, and over 50 element designs to create any type of website you need. It’s designed with service-based businesses in mind and includes multiple versions of the design elements to help you create your Divi website. In this post, we’ll take a look at Molti to help you decide if it’s the right Divi child theme for your needs.

Installing Molti Divi Child Theme

Molti installs differently than most Divi child themes I’ve used. It’s installed as a plugin. It installs fast and easily. First, upload and activate the plugin.

Next, go to Molti Demo Importer in the WordPress dashboard. Select everything you want to import. I recommend leaving everything at their default. Lastly, click Begin site import.

Wait for the import to complete. Once it’s finished, you can uninstall the plugin. That’s it.

Molti child theme is now the active theme in your WordPress Themes directory. All the pages, templates, menus, and styling are now in place and ready for your content.

Here’s the default homepage with menus and a mega menu. This is a demo page with screenshots of the other pages and information about the features. You’ll need to set the actual home page by going to Settings > Reading in the WordPress dashboard.

Molti Divi Child Theme Pages

The 15 pages include a home page, pricing, portfolio, services, about, blog, careers, contact, and more. Some of the pages are built with Divi Theme Builder templates, while most are available as a page. Let’s look closer at a few of the pages and elements.

Molti Home Page

The homepage includes 10 sections. They include the hero section, services, about, features, number counters, pricing, testimonials, and a blog. It has a light orange color scheme and dummy images. Each of the elements includes custom styling and animations. They look great. I especially like the blurbs and the blog section. This page is ideal for any type of business and is especially well-suited for a service business.

Molti Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page includes 4 sections with a hero section, contact information, a contact form, and an FAQ. It has lots of whitespace and many of the elements take the full width of the screen.

Molti About Us Page

The About Us page includes 8 sections. It includes a hero section with a CTA, a company history with a CTA, clients with logos, a team section that reveals information on hover, features with blurbs, testimonials, and a hiring section with a CTA.

Molti Careers Page

The careers page includes 4 sections. It includes the standard hero section with a CTA, a benefits section with blurbs, a location section with images, and job openings with blurbs that include a hover animation that covers the blurb with the button’s color.

Molti Single Job Page

The single job page includes 4 sections with the last section only revealed with the application button selected. The hero section shows the job title. The second section uses Text Modules to create buttons to switch between the job information and form. The largest section displays the job overview with Text Modules.

Molti Services Page

The services page contains 8 sections. They include the standard hero section, information with an alternating layout, popular features with blurbs, services with animated blurbs, company logos, testimonials with an interesting image mosaic layout, and benefits of choosing the company with tilted images.

Molti Blog Page

The blog page includes two sections. The first is a unique hero section with a blog search. Second is a blog section with a styled Blog Module that matches the blog on the home page. Blog posts are displayed as cards in three columns.

Molti Portfolio Page

The portfolio page includes 3 sections. The first is the hero section with a CTA to view all the projects. Next is the portfolio with a styled filter. Following this is a CTA.

Molti Pricing Page

The pricing page includes three sections. First is the pricing tables. This section uses CTA Modules, Text Modules, and Blurb Modules to create a unique price table design. A button changes the prices and blurbs to create a table with check marks. Next is the FAQ section. Lastly is a CTA banner.

Molti Divi Child Theme Divi Theme Builder Templates

Molti uses the Divi Theme Builder to create and assign 7 templates. Here’s a quick look at a few of them.

Molti Header

The header includes a standard design for the menu, but then adds a hamburger menu to open a section of Blurb Modules.

In the Divi Theme Builder, the header displays two rows with the contact information in the top bar and the logo, menu, CTA, and custom hamburger icon in the second row. It includes a shadow effect to stand apart from the page.

The CTA opens to show the blurbs. They include hover effects and a button to see all the services. This is the desktop version.

Here’s the phone version. It only displays the regular menu with a hamburger menu icon. The menu shows a custom icon with collapsed submenus.

Molti Footer

The footer includes two sections and four rows. The first section doesn’t contain rows. It’s used to create the divider. The second section contains four rows with lots of Text and Blurb Modules, an Image Module, and a Social Media Follow Module to create all the footer elements.

Here’s the desktop version of the footer. The modules create five columns with the email form taking a larger portion of the screen’s width.

The phone version places the email form in a single column and sets the links in two columns. All the elements in the bottom row stack in a single column.

Molti 404 Page

The Molti 404 page is simple. It includes a single section with two columns. The first column displays an image, while the second column displays text and a button.

It still shows the header and footer on the front end, but you can disable them in the Divi Theme Builder if you want. Here’s the desktop version.

Here’s the phone version of the Molti 404 page.

Molti Posts

The blog post layout is extensive. It includes four sections and includes an interesting title, content layout, tags, navigation, comments, newsletter form, and similar blog posts. Here’s the wireframe view.

Here’s how the post layout looks on a desktop. This is a clean design.

Here’s a portion of the layout for the phone view.

Molti Divi Child Theme Elements

The Molti Divi child theme also includes lots of custom elements. They include a Blog Module, card designs, a content switch, team cards, and more. These elements are used within the pages and they’re available separately as Divi pages so you can easily use them in other pages, posts, and templates. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Card Designs

The page for card designs includes six types of cards. They include images, buttons, hover animations, and more. They’re designed to show team members, services, contact information, and CTA’s.

Content Switch

Content switch elements change the content that’s displayed when they’re selected. They include two designs. The first changes the prices in the pricing table from monthly to yearly. The second switches blog posts from featured posts to recent posts.

Blog Module Designs

Blog elements include three Blog Module designs. The first design places the posts in three columns and includes a styled meta and places the date over the image. The second design displays two posts with large images and the title and meta over the image. This one also includes overlays. The third design is similar to a magazine layout with multiple posts on a card and images on the left and the title on the right.

Where to Purchase Molti Divi Child Theme

Molti Divi child theme is available in the Divi Marketplace for $25. It includes unlimited website usage, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and one year of support and updates.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our overview of the Molti Divi child theme. Molti is easy to use. Installation is the simplest I’ve seen. I was surprised at the design quality. It includes a lot more pages and elements than I expected for its price. The page designs are especially good for businesses with services. If you’re looking for high quality and low-cost business child theme for Divi with a clean and modern design, Molti is a great choice.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried the Molti Divi child theme? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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