MemberMouse WordPress Plugin – Review and Installation Guide

Created in 2009 by Eric Turnnessen, MemberMouse is a top WordPress membership plugin that has become the go-to choice for serious online entrepreneurs. Packed with features designed to help business owners maximize revenue and automate support-related issues, MemberMouse can help you grow from 100 to 100,000 members.

Who Is MemberMouse for?

MemberMouse is for online entrepreneurs, course creators, coaches, service providers, membership organizations, education sites, and more.

Why Choose MemberMouse?

MemberMouse was designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, and built by enterprise software engineers. Every feature and functionality in the platform was created to meet a specific need in the market. So, you know you’re getting a tool that is extremely reliable and won’t crumble under pressure. What’re more, MemberMouse powers businesses of all sizes.

Rating and Active Installations or Sales

MemberMouse has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Capterra and was named one of their top membership and subscription management tools in 2021. It has served over 17,000 customers, processed over $16M in orders, and supported over 9 million members for its customers.

MemberMouse vs MemberPress: An In-Depth Comparison

Features MemberMouse MemberPress
Pricing and Plans Builder: $29/Month
Advanced: $79/Month
Premium: $199/Month
Basic: $179/Year
Plus: $299/Year
Pro: $399/Year
Trial Option
Free Trial Yes (14-Day Free Trial) No
Platforms Supported
SaaS Yes Yes
Membership Management Features
Automatic Renewals Yes Yes
Dues Management Yes Yes
Email Marketing Yes No
Member Directory Yes No
Member Portal Yes Yes
Member Types Yes Yes
Membership Database Yes Yes
Nonprofit Membership Yes No
Payment Processing Yes Yes
AffiliateWP Yes Yes
WP Fusion Yes Yes
eLearnCommerce Yes Yes
AWeber Yes No
ClickBank Yes No
Coinbase Yes No
ConvertKit Yes No
GetResponse Yes No
Business Hours Yes Yes
Online Yes Yes

MemberMouse System and Hosting Requirements

Membership sites require more than the bare minimum WordPress requirements from hosting providers.

The hosting provider must have the capability and flexibility to enhance performance when the site grows. When choosing a hosting partner, you must consider features like support, performance, uptime, scalability, and security.

If your hosting provider doesn’t offer plans you can grow into, you might face issues that hinder your business.

Quality hosting providers typically fulfill these requirements, which are necessary to run MemberMouse:

These are the very least requirements to fulfill. The more plugins and features you use, the more advanced resources you may require, such as PHP 8 and above, memory that extends beyond 750M, and full control over PHP requirements.

How to Install MemberMouse on Your WordPress Website

Once you are done with the hosting process, ensure you have installed WordPress on your site. If you’re a Cloudways user, you can install WordPress with just one click.

MemberMouse is a premium plugin, so you must purchase it from the MemberMouse website. Also, you can use their 14-day free trial option to explore the plugin.

To download the MemberMouse plugin, log in to the MemberMouse website. You’ll see a download option on the left side menu bar on a dashboard.

Click on the Download MemberMouse option. Here you’ll see a download button and MemberMouse version details. Click on the MemberMouse 2.1.0-104 button, and the plugin will start downloading into your system.

Now, log in to your WordPress website and then follow the below steps to install the MemberMouse membership plugin:

If you directly try to activate the MemberMouse plugin, you’ll catch a Fatal Error. So, how can you get rid of it? Let’s take a look.

First, go to the MemberMouse Dashboard and click on the Manage Licenses button.

Enter your site URL under the Authorized URL option available in the My Account section of MemberMouse Dashboard.

Now, go to your WordPress plugin section and activate the plugin from it. Here you can see the MemberMouse plugin is successfully activated.

That is the easiest way to install MemberMouse on your WordPress website. Now, it’s time to see how you can configure the MemberMouse Membership Plugin on your WordPress website.

Setting up the MemberMouse Membership Plugin

Once you have activated the MemberMouse plugin, you’ll see two new menus in your WordPress admin area named ‘MemberMouse’ and ‘Reporting Suite.’

From the MemberMouse menu, you can set up or configure all the aspects of your membership site, and you can track everything from the Reporting Suite menu.

Being a feature-rich plugin, MemberMouse is a little tricky when you start with it. The best starting point with MemberMouse is the dashboard, where you’ll find the video tutorials and links that connect you with the support center.

At the top of the dashboard, you’ll see Manage Members, Browse Transactions, Reporting Suite, and Product Settings.

Under this, you’ll find a summary of your membership site. At the start, the data is zero, but after creating the option, you can see the summarized form of your membership site in the form of numbers.

Let’s explore the options from the MemberMouse menu.

Manage Members

In the Manage Member tab, you can Create Members, Import & Export Members, and search for the members after creating.

You can create members by providing name, email, phone, password, and selecting the membership level.

You can also see the list of all of your members along with the edit option.

If you want to import the members’ data from another membership website to the existing one, you can do it with the help of the Import Members option. You need to select the CSV file, configure your members’ settings, and click on the Import button.

You can export your member’s data as well by just clicking on the export button. The CSV file will download into your system.

Browse Transactions

In the Browse Transactions section, you can browse the payments that your customers have made to get the membership, so you can verify and check that everything is correct.

Product Settings

In a Product Settings tab, you can Create Products by providing details. You can create Membership Levels like Basic, advanced, and premium.

Along with that, there is also a Bundles and Coupons creation option. And if you want to schedule your drip content, you can also do it from the Product Settings option.

Checkout Settings

The Checkout Settings area has all the details used in the checkout process. You can create Custom Fields, allow Countries to your customer to make purchases, add the Shipping Method you use, and enable reCAPTCHA on all checkout forms.

Also, in the Other Settings tab, you can select the default Currency, Default Membership Level or Product, and Prorate Membership Subscription on Upgrade/Downgrade.

Payment Settings

It is essential to configure two types of payment methods in a membership website: onsite and offsite. Onsite payment methods allow you to collect credit card information from your site, which means customers can complete the entire checkout process without leaving your site. and Stripe are examples of onsite payment methods.

MemberMouse sends the customer to a secure third-party website to complete their purchase through offsite payment methods.

Email Settings

You can integrate your email provider with your membership site in an Email Settings tab. Along with that, you can also design your email template under the Email Templates section.

General Settings

In the General Settings tab, you can Create employees and assign roles. Also, you can configure Extensions, enable Safe Mode, Duplicate Subscriptions, and Manage the plugin Installation.

In the Other Settings option, you can configure:

Now, let’s explore the options from the Reporting Suite menu.

Reporting Suite

The Reporting Suite section is based on a dashboard with all the stats of your membership website. You can also select the start and end date to see the graph. Under the Revenue section, you can see the Total Revenue, Average Daily Revenue, and Average Monthly Revenue.

Features of the MemberMouse Plugin

Membermouse is a feature-rich plugin to create membership sites. The plugin is easy to set up with your WordPress website and comes with many essential features for your membership website. Let’s look at some important features of MemberMouse.

With MemberMouse, you can:

Sell Your Products

Sell any kind of product or subscription with flexible payment options and billing profiles.

Protect Content

Easily password protects pages to deliver premium content, PDFs, videos, software, and more.

Manage Members

Manage free and paid members with a simple and intuitive CRM. Put your member management on autopilot.

Maximize Revenue

Get a handle on critical metrics including sales, lifetime value by source, retention, and more.

Integrations with your tech ecosystem


You can see all those features here:

Pricing and Plans of MembeMouse

MemberMouse offers three pricing plans, and all plans come with the core features. Also, MemberMouse offers a 14-day free trial option so you can understand the plugin better before making a purchase decision. The pricing plans details are:

Builder Plan

$29 per month

Advanced Plan

$79 per month

Premium Plan

$199 per month

MemberMouse: Pros and Cons



Wrapping Up!

MemberMouse is a feature-rich membership plugin that provides your site membership functionality and is an excellent choice to keep content private for their particular targeted audience.

The best part of this plugin is a free trial, so you can experience the features before deciding. In this article, I have discussed the details of the MemberMouse plugin. Now it’s your time to experience the plugin to create your membership site.

Q: Is MemberMouse free?

A: MemberMouse is a premium plugin, and you have to pay for it to avail of the services. Though it does have a 14-day free trial option, so you can experience the product for 14 days without any charges.

Q: What is MemberMouse in WordPress?

A: MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin that offers a full-featured solution to create membership sites with great options like restricted content, dripping content, 14-day free trial option, and more features.

Q: How do I use MemberMouse?

A: First, you have to purchase, install and activate the MemberMouse plugin, then configure it according to your membership site requirements. The configuration section of this article will help you get detailed information about the plugin configuration.

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