Mastering SEO with Elementor, SEOPress, and SEOPress PRO

Learn to supercharge your SEO game! In this tutorial, we guide you step-by-step on how to activate Elementor, SEOPress, and SEOPress PRO. Discover the power of AI-generated metadata, control indexing, optimize social metadata, and more! Become an SEO pro today. #SEO #Elementor #SEOPressPRO

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00:23 – Activate Elementor, SEOPress, and SEOPress PRO
– Go to “Plugins” and activate these 3 plugins.

00:28 – Create your title and meta description manually or auto-generated by AI
– Open a page, post, or custom post type to modify.
– Click on “Settings” in the left bottom screen and go to the “SEO Title / Description” tab to edit metadata.
– Generate meta with AI using the button or edit the description. You can use dynamic variables.
– Edit your meta description.

01:04 – Manage your meta robots
– Control the indexing of your content by applying custom settings to your robots meta tag.

01:16 – Edit your social metadata for Facebook and X
– Go to the “SEO Social” tab.
– Edit your Facebook title, Facebook description, and choose a Thumbnail. Do the same for X.

01:36 – Analyze your SEO content
– Edit your target keywords to analyze your content.
– Analyze your Elementor content to help you write optimized content for search engines.

02:02 – Add breadcrumbs using Elementor
– Go to “SEO” – “PRO” – “Breadcrumbs.”
– Activate the option and check “Enable HTML Breadcrumbs.”
– Add SEOPress Breadcrumbs to your page.
– Customize its design easily.
– Et voilà!