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Because mobile online traffic accounts for the majority of all worldwide web traffic, if your WordPress website is compatible with mobile devices, you’re doing your visitors a great favor.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at your own web analytics. You will surely see this behavior among your own visitors as well. Because truth be told, many individuals spend more time on their phones than they do on their desktop computers.

Studies show that mobile devices already account for more than half of all online traffic, and that percentage is only going to increase. So, if you don’t improve your website and make it mobile-friendly, you’ll lose a significant amount of traffic and sales.

Drawing somebody’s interest and convincing them to engage on your website is a race against time, and you only have seconds to do it. People will not stay or return if your website doesn’t look good or loads slowly in whatever device they are using. 

With the help of WordPress plugins, optimizing your website for mobile devices is simple and straightforward. With these add-ons, you can do it without writing a single line of code. These plugins may do everything from speeding up your site to resizing it for mobile devices. Check out these eight mobile-friendly WordPress plugins.

WP Touch

Years of experience have made WPtouch one of the most sought-after mobile solutions for WordPress admins. A mobile theme is instantly set up for every WordPress website by installing this plugin, transforming it into a mobile site that is only visible to people visiting the website on mobile devices. Even though it is different on mobile, your desktop theme will remain the same as it originally is.

Although the mobile theme in the basic version of WPtouch is minimal, it may be modified using the WPtouch admin panel and WordPress.

WP Mobile Menu

The navigation on some mobile phones might be difficult due to the limited screen space. As a result, visitors could have trouble browsing through your website if sidebars and menus aren’t easily accessible.

By simply installing WP Mobile Menu, all WordPress sites will have a three-tiered mobile menu. You don’t need to know how to code. You just have to install, activate, and configure it according to your preference.  For your personal, commercial, and industrial needs there are three premium editions of WP Mobile Menu with additional menu options.

Max Mega Menu

For websites with a lot of pages and navigation, you should use Max Mega Menu. It is difficult to install multi-level menus on mobile websites since they demand such mega menus. WordPress menus may be converted into mega-menus using Max Mega Menu, which takes responsive design into account.

As a bonus, Max Mega Menu allows you to specify breakpoints so that the menu collapses on smaller displays. A mobile-optimized menu feature allows you to conceal sub-menus and conserve display space. A side-sliding menu or a regular drop-down menu can be used to access the menu.

JetPack is essential if you’d want your website to load faster by reducing the number of plugins. As a single WordPress plugin, Jetpack has a number of capabilities that may be used to improve your site’s security and marketing as well as performance and offer strong design tools. A mobile-optimized version of your WordPress website can be easily created with this plugin without having to learn to program.

From having a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver resources more promptly, lazy loading pictures, and infinite scroll, to a WordPress-optimized video hosting, Jetpack offers superior performance optimization features.

In order to improve the user experience and raise conversion rates, a well-designed and useful website should include a variety of appealing graphics and photos. However, the downside of using a lot of imagery is that it might gobble up space and slow down your website’s performance.

For WordPress, Smush is a notable plugin for image size reduction and optimization. Whenever you upload a picture to the media library, it automatically “smushes” the size without affecting its quality. Also, it also prioritized loading above-the-fold images to create the impression of a quicker website. All photos you’ve previously uploaded on your website can also be compressed in bulk.

By installing Hummingbird, a website visitor’s mobile browser is urged to cache your site’s files, which speeds up the loading speed the next time they go to your website. In contrast, when you don’t install this plugin, your website visitor will have to wait again to download your code and files from the web server.

Additionally, Hummingbird optimizes your website’s performance by analyzing your site to figure out what’s causing the slowdown. After a single click, it offers suggestions and fixes the detected issues.

AMP for WP

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google-developed HTML framework. Specifically developed to optimize websites for mobile devices, AMP is now applicable to any web pages served throughout all devices. Although AMP is useful for desktop websites, it is very much useful for mobile websites.

 A popular method that brings Google’s AMP principles to WordPress sites is by simply installing the AMP for WP plugin. For smartphones and tablets, it converts your website’s pages into a mobile-friendly version of the site, which is more efficient. This improves the user experience while also improving your SEO ranking in Google’s search results because your website adheres to Google’s AMP guidelines.

Asset CleanUp

The majority of plugins insert their javascript and code throughout all your web pages, whether they are needed to render that page or not. Implementing this functionality on all pages or just a few allow the plugin to run without any issues.

Instead of allowing certain styles and scripts to load on sites where they aren’t needed, it’s best to block them from doing so. Because it scans each page and detects all the assets loaded, the Asset CleanUp plugin fixes this problem for you.

As far as web upload speeds are concerned, Autoptimize is one of the greatest plug-ins. In addition, it organizes your database system, cleans up cache, and consolidates scripts and codes. Because of these features, Autoptimize may cut your website’s loading speed by up to 30%, which is important since the slower it takes for your webpage to be fully rendered, the more likely a user will abandon it.

Autoptimize is also free of charge and straightforward to use, so you don’t have to worry about being required of professional web optimization skills to improve your mobile website’s performance.

Mobile user experience will continue to be a major concern for WordPress site administrators due to the increasing prominence of smartphones and tablets as the most used web browsing devices. Thanks to these WordPress plugins mentioned above, making websites mobile-friendly is simple and easy that even someone without coding knowledge can achieve.

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