Laura Kane Esquire

Client: Laura Kane, Esquire, Damascus, MD

Services: Website Design, WordPress Hosting, WordPress Platform Maintenance

Year: 2020

Clients who need legal representation can look to Laura Kane, Esquire, for expert advice. With over 30 years of experience in civil litigation, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Support issues, Personal Injury Claims, and Probate/ Estate work—Laura is a knowledgeable and trusted lawyer. In 2020, Laura chose us as her partner to create a website to showcase her services, which required specialized website design, WordPress hosting, and WordPress platform maintenance services. We were honored to work with Laura on this project and are proud of the results—a beautifully designed website that accurately reflects her professionalism as an attorney. Our success in creating this site is a testament to our commitment to providing quality service and the power of partnership between client and service provider. We are thankful that Laura chose us as her partner in success and look forward to continuing our relationship with her.

Laura Kane, Esquire Website

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