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Jump Into July (2022 Desktop Wallpapers Edition)

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Let’s welcome the new month with some inspiring desktop wallpapers. Created by artists and designers from across the globe, they come in versions with and without a calendar for July 2022. Enjoy!

Starting off the new month with a little inspiration boost — that’s the motivation behind our monthly wallpapers series that we’ve been running for more then eleven years now. Every month, we invite you, our dear readers, to challenge your creative skills and submit your wallpaper designs to it. And, of course, it wasn’t any different this time around.

For this edition, creative folks from all across the globe took on the challenge and created beautiful and unique wallpapers to tell their story or, well, just cater for some good vibes on your screens. The wallpapers all come in versions with and without a calendar for July 2022 and can be downloaded for free. Thank you to everyone who shared their artworks with us — you’re smashing!

Last but not least, to make your July even more colorful, you’ll also find a little best-of from our wallpapers archives at the end of this post. Maybe you’ll rediscover one of your almost forgotten favorites in there, too? Enjoy!

Free Flight Of A Bird

“Our designers can’t live without being affected by the war in Ukraine. Recent escalation and missile attacks on civilian objects made them reflect on that and as a result, they created this wonderful calendar in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The bird represents the freedom that we sooner or later get through a long struggle. You can find more free calendars in our post. Thank you!” — Designed by MasterBundles from Ukraine.

Aquatic Fresh

“I played with a shape looking like a starfish, this one is made with a mathematical formula. Then I put all the shapes on the screen, according to a Poisson disc sampling distribution. Poisson is the french word for fish, it’s also the name of a french mathematician. Finally, all this made me think of a pond with water lilies, a refreshing atmosphere for July.” — Designed by Philippe Brouard from France.

“July is the month where the Buck Moon takes place, also known as the full moon. With the brightest light shining upon Earth’s night and the male deer’s antlers growing at their fullest.” — Designed by Linda Lin from the Netherlands.

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Oldies But Goodies

Our wallpapers archives are full of timeless treasures that are just too good to be forgotten. So here’s a small selection of favorites from past July editions. Please note that these designs don’t come with a calendar.

“July brings the yearly carnival near my hometown, so I decided to design a summer evening carnival.” — Designed by Bregje Damen from the Netherlands.

A Flamboyance Of Flamingos

“July in South Africa is dreary and wintery so we give all the southern hemisphere dwellers a bit of colour for those grey days. And for the northern hemisphere dwellers a bit of pop for their summer!” — Designed by Wonderland Collective from South Africa.

Plastic Bag Free Day

“The objective of this date is to draw attention to the production and over-consumption of plastic bags worldwide, presenting alternatives to solve this serious environmental problem. It is urgent to change the behavior of all human beings regarding the use of plastic bags. For the preservation of the environment, we should use the same plastic bag for shopping, recycling or use paper bags. In this wallpaper I drew a plastic bag with a turtle inside it, as if it was imprisoned by its own bag, as if the ocean was reduced to a plastic bag, emphasizing the seriousness of this environmental problem, which has tortured both turtles and many others marine species.” — Designed by Carolina Santos from Portugal.

Summer Essentials

“A few essential items for the summertime weather at the beach, park, and everywhere in-between.” — Designed by Zach Vandehey from the United States.

Go To Holidays!

“It is July and the most awaited moment arrives… Holidays! We pack our bags and go to relax! Happy holidays!” — Designed by Veronica Valenzuela from Spain.

It’s A Smashing Summer

“The car wash down the street. I went to get my car washed for free and when the car entered the tunnel, the soap and the lights created some colorful and gorgeous images. I photographed them all. Car wash businesses remind me of my family. My Dad owned gas stations and my brother used to wash cars when he was young. Plus, back where I am originally from, car washing is done frequently because we have warm weather all year around.” — Designed by Alma Hoffmann from Puerto Rico, US.

“And once you let your imagination go, you find yourself surrounded by eternal summer, unexplored worlds and all-pervading warmth, where there are no rules of physics and colors tint the sky under your feet.” — Designed by Ana Masnikosa from Belgrade, Serbia.

Taste Like Summer!

“In times of clean eating and the world of superfoods there is one vegetable missing. An old, forgotten one. A flower actually. Rare and special. Once it had a royal reputation (I cheated a bit with the blue). The artichocke — this is my superhero in the garden! I am a food lover — you too? Enjoy it — dip it!” — Designed by Alexandra Tamgnoué from Germany.

Keep Moving Forward

“Snails can be inspiring! If you keep heading towards your goal, even if it is just tiny steps, enjoy the journey and hopefully it will be worth the effort.” — Designed by Glynnis Owen from Australia.

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