Inverted Border Radius Card in Elementor Free | CSS Grid

This video tackles designing an inverted border-radius card in Elementor Free using the CSS Grid. We use Custom CSS and the BEM naming methodology to make the code more maintainable.

|| Demo

Inverted Border Card

|| Custom Snippet

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Example from another designer
1:13 Activate Flex and Grid Container
1:35 Explanation of the design
2:44 Creating the Grid Layout
3:34 Adding the required elements
5:06 Editing the child Grid Items
5:34 BEM Naming Methodology
7:16 Adding the CSS and styling
17:16 The inverted border-radius design
24:56 Tackling mobile responsiveness
32:00 Image Aspect Ratio
32:52 Conclusion

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