Introducing the NEW Divi Cyber Monday Module Booster Bundle

The Divi Cyber Monday Sale is happening right now! We have tons of amazing deals across our entire ecosystem: 25% off Divi and Divi account upgrades, 44% off Divi Cloud and Divi Teams, and some killer deals on our best Divi Marketplace items–many of which are conveniently bundled together and heavily discounted by 60%. In this post we’ll be going over one of these bundles, product by product, so you can see just how amazing this deal really is!

The Massive Cyber Monday Module Booster!

We’ve bundled a massive collection of new Divi modules that will take your Divi website to new and impressive heights. In order to capitalize on these stellar savings, you’ll need to act now before the timer counts down to zero. Get 60% off of the most popular modules in the Divi Marketplace. Sales like this only come around once a year, so don’t miss out! This is your chance to load up on thousands of pre-made layouts, and save a ton of cash at the same time!

Divi Carousel Module 2.0

This plugin is the single most powerful Divi Carousel Module you can get. Create stunning image, person, testimonial, content, and logo carousels with unlimited design possibilities to make your content stand out. Use Divi’s powerful Visual Builder to style your carousels, or choose from beautiful premade layouts to get your carousel up and running in minutes.

Divi Events Calendar

If you’ve been looking for a way to make the Events Calendar plugin integrate better with Divi, then look no further than Divi Events Calendar. This plugin works as a bridge between the two so that you can display your events in grand fashion. When the plugin is active, you’ll be able to use Divi’s Visual Builder to style your events as you would any other post or page. Divi Events Calendar comes with 6 handy modules including Events Feed, Events Filter, Events Calendar, Events Carousel, Events Page, and Events Ticket.

Table Maker

Create beautiful tables in Divi with the help of Table Maker. Using the Visual Builder, you can style every part of the table from content to columns, headers to footers, and right down to individual cells without the need for any shortcodes. As an added bonus, you can control the width and height, the scrolling behavior, and the responsiveness of your table for all screen sizes.

Divi Image Hover

Divi Image Hover is the most advanced, most popular image plugin on the Divi Marketplace. With over 250 animation options and 6 categories of effects, you can design your image hovers just about any way you’d like. Additionally, you’ll have access to 4 amazing demo design layouts to kickstart your creative side.

Divi Masonry Gallery

Breathe new life into your image galleries with Divi Masonry Gallery. Create new and interesting masonry galleries in just a few steps with category filters, pagination, popup control, and more. Divi Masonry Gallery gives you ultimate control over the number of categories based on screen size, and adjusts the space between images. Plus, you’ll have advanced categorization and filtering options, as well as custom hover effects, custom links, popups and lightboxes, and more.

Divi Gallery Extended

With the Divi Gallery Extended plugin, you’ll get 2 masonry gallery modules, along with pagination and category filtering, custom links and lightbox controls, as well as bulk image editing for your galleries. There are nearly limitless ways to create stunning image galleries with tons of customization options using Divi’s Visual Builder.

Divi Social Sharing Buttons

Give your site’s users the ability to share your content with the masses with the Divi Social Sharing Buttons plugin. You’ll get tons of customization options using the Visual Builder, as well as the ability to add buttons to any page or post type. In addition to color, position, and link options, you can choose between 6 different layout options for your social buttons.

Divi MadMenu – Header and Menu Creation Tool

Make your Divi headers a thing of beauty with Divi MadMenu–Header and Menu Creation Tool. Choose from demo header layouts, or create your own with 2 different menu modules to choose from, as well as 7 header elements. Completely customizable and 100% responsive, menus can slide in, fly out, have popups, go completely full screen, and more. As an added bonus, you can create vertical menus, as well as style your mobile menus too.

Divi Image Effect Lite

With Divi Image Effect Lite, you get 43 amazing hover effects for your images. Plus, you can add and customize text, images, icons, both solid and gradient color backgrounds, as well as customize buttons for the image effects. With nearly unlimited customization options, you can turn your images into a work of art using this plugin.

Divi Content Toggle

Showcase your website’s content in a beautiful and effective way with the Divi Content Toggle plugin. With a content switch on your posts or pages, you can provide your site’s visitors with an opportunity to explore interesting information in an easy-to-interact way. The Divi Content Toggle plugin pairs nicely with pricing tables, text modules, and even Divi library items to display your content in a fun and exciting way.

Divi Timer Pro

Divi Timer Pro is the essential Divi marketing tool for your website. If you’re looking to increase sales and drive conversion on your site, adding this countdown timer module is a good way to do it. With this plugin, you can create a sense of urgency for sales promotions including adding limited availability and shipping deadlines to encourage shoppers to buy your products quickly. With three types of timers, multiple expiry actions, and custom timer durations, you’ll have everything you need to create beautiful, functional timers for your website.

Divi Login Module Pro

Create custom login pages for your site’s visitors with Divi Login Module Pro. You’ll have access to 15 different login templates for use in your projects, or you can create your own using Divi’s proprietary Visual Builder. In addition to templates, you’ll have full control over the login flow by being able to redirect users to a custom page upon login or logout.


Easily create stunning content, list, or custom grids with the Divigrid plugin. You’ll get over 100 pre-made grid styles to choose from, or you can create your own stunning designs to display your content in a beautiful, effective way. With over 9 modules to choose from including an inline popup grid, content grid, and list grid, you won’t run out of options to make your content stand out.

Supreme Maps Pro

Easily add custom, interactive maps to your Divi websites with help from this powerful feature-packed plugin. This amazing plugin integrates seamlessly with OpenStreetMap & Leaflet Maps (Google & Bing coming soon), and has unlimited customization options to make your site’s style and wow your site’s visitors. You’ll be able to have unlimited pins, custom coordinates, popup styling, auto-load markers, and more.

Divi Pro Gallery

Create a gorgeous image gallery on your website in a snap with Divi Pro Gallery. Style your gallery just about any way you want with 4 different gallery types to choose from including filterable masonry, carousel, grid, and highlight. Plus, you can organize your photos by tags, enjoy advanced and fully customizable lightboxes, and more.

Advanced Divi Tabs Module

With the Advanced Divi Tabs module, tabs can be created vertically or horizontally to showcase any type of content you want. Plus, they are fully responsive, fully customizable, and can display all types of content including pricing tables, image galleries, videos, and more. As an added bonus, you can set navigation on hover or click, customize spacing, title, descriptions, icons, and images, or embed full layouts into a single tab.

Inline Popup Grid

With the Inline Popup Grid plugin, you can create any type of popup you want with over 30 unique popup shapes, fast & smooth launch action, and custom overlay colors or images. With well over 100 different design settings, no two popups will ever look the same.

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Now is the time to secure the Divi Module Booster Bundle and take your Divi websites to the next level in 2023. This collection of tools is only available at 60% off for a limited time. Plus, when you purchase any of our bundles during our Cyber Monday Sale you will get an additional FREE prize from the marketplace! In some cases adding an additional $100 or more to the total value of your purchase! We only do deals and giveaways this good one time a year. And you may never see this specific bundle again, let alone at this price. Head over to to purchase this bundle before time runs out!

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