Introducing the Mastodon Favorites WordPress Plugin

One of the primary ways I find new accounts to follow on social media is by eavesdropping on other people’s favorites. Many social networks make each account’s favorites public but Mastodon does not (yet?). So I wanted a way to show my favorites publicly so that others can look through them. And I’m hoping others make theirs available too. The Mastodon Favorites WordPress Plugin adds an Editor Block so that others can easily add it to their websites. It has been submitted to the WordPress Plugin Directory (currently number 276 in review) and have I released the code on GitHub. You can view 50 of my most recent favorites. This plugin should be considered beta. There is a lot I’d like to improve when I have the time. Perhaps if you would like to contribute to improving the plugin you can fork the code on GitHub and submit a Pull Request. I’ll be keeping the list of Issues up-to-date as best as I can. If you have any general feedback, send me a mention Download I’ve had my favorite toots displaying on my website for over a year. When I built Tuff, my static site generator, I had built a small Tuff plugin (the first!) to fetch my favorite toots and build them into the HTML. However, that meant that the list was out of date. With this update, the oldest my list will be is 6-hours old.

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