Introducing the Massive Black Friday Module Bundle

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In this post, however, we’d like to take a closer look at just one of our amazing Black Friday Marketplace Bundles. You won’t believe the insane amount of value we’ve packed into it. And that’s before we marked it down by 60%! Check it out 🙂

The Massive Black Friday Module Bundle

Looking for an incredible Black Friday deal? Well, this is it. This is the best Divi module bundle we have ever created. You’ll get 250+ NEW Divi modules to add to your Divi toolbox. Unlocking endless design possibilities for all web design skill levels.

But if you want to secure this deal, you’ll need to act FAST to get 60% off 7 of the most popular module bundles in the Divi marketplace. Don’t let the timer wind down before you get your hands on this incredible set of tools. A sale like this only comes around once a year, so don’t miss out. Save hundreds of dollars on incredible Divi modules RIGHT NOW.

Divi Supreme Pro

Trusted by more than 150,000 users of Divi, Divi Supreme Pro brings more than 50 additional modules to your Divi website. With new modules released on a consistent basis, Divi Supreme Pro is always ahead of the curve when it comes to extending the modules used in Divi. An excellent accompaniment to Divi, Divi Supreme Pro not only comes filled to the brim with useful modules, but it also comes with 8 plugins! Enjoy modules like: Image Hotspots, Dual Headings, Carousels, and a crowd favorite Supreme Lottie!

Complete with more than 250 pre-built templates, 50 starter templates and 250 section blocks, Divi Plus allows you to build beautifully crafted and functional websites from day one. On top of that, Divi Plus allows you to add additional functionality and styling to your forms and WooCommerce modules. This plugin won’t slow down your Divi site, but it will speed up your design process! Mix and match different child themes, sections and modules with a single, powerful plugin.

With Divi Essential, you’ll gain access to a one-stop solution to create amazing Divi websites. With over 60 modules, 23+ templates, and 600+ section blocks, there’s enough to build an entire website! You’ll get modules like Divi image magnifier, Divi before & after, text animation, Divi 3D flip box, testimonial carousel, and more. All templates and sections are fully responsive, support dynamic content options, and don’t require any coding to use.

Divi ConKit Pro

Divi ConKit Pro has everything you need to kick your Divi website up a notch–or several! You’ll get modules such as blog plus, which expands on Divi’s blog module by giving you more beautiful layout choices. You can display your Instagram feed in a stunning carousel, or add movement to your informational blurbs using the flip box module. In all, there are nearly 40 modules to assist in electrifying your content.

DiviFlash adds 39 new modules to Divi’s existing module Library. If you’ve ever wanted more functionality for some of Divi’s beloved modules, you need to add DiviFlash to your toolkit. From tabs to animated headings, post carousels to flip boxes, DiviFlash has got you covered. Not only will you be able to add additional modules to your Divi install, but the customization options provided by DiviFlash are outstanding! Create and customize pixel-perfect web design assets to use on your next Divi install by grabbing DiviFlash on sale today, when you purchase the Black Friday Module Bundle. You won’t be able to get this value for this plugin again if you miss out on this sale!

Graphina-Divi Dynamic Charts and Graphs

Graphina is the most powerful charting solution that has ever existed for Divi. It’s fully responsive, fully customizable, and offers complete cross-browser support. Built specifically with Divi in mind, Graphina has a powerful set of options to let you build 7 different great-looking charts including line, column, bar, area, pie, donut, radar, polar, gauge, geo, and radial charts. It’s Divi data visualization on steroids!

If you’re looking to start an eCommerce business using Divi, you owe it to yourself to get Woo Essential. You’ll take your website to the next level with 8+ outstandingly beautiful Woo templates, 80+ layouts, and 8+ modules that are made specifically for Divi. Some great features include Wishlist, quick view, product comparisons, and Mini Cart, which allows your shoppers to purchase faster and with fewer clicks. You can showcase your products in a truly beautiful way with Woo Product Carousel, Woo Essential Product Accordion, Woo Product Grid, and Woo Product Filter Masonry.

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Don’t wait any longer! Extend Divi even further by adding this bundle to your cart! Divi is amazing and with these tools by your side, you can take your Divi websites to a whole new level. This bundle is available for a limited time only. Once Black Friday is over, this bundle – and i’s amazing savings – will be gone as well! Scoop it up while you can and start bringing deeper customization, better tools, and upgraded modules to your next Divi project.

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