Introducing the Massive Black Friday Feature Booster Bundle

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In this post however, we’ll be diving deep into everything included in our Black Friday Divi Feature Booster Bundle. We’re confident that there’s something for every Divi user in this and all our Black Friday Bundles!

The Massive Black Friday Feature Booster Bundle!

This is the most featured-packed Divi Marketplace Bundle we’ve ever offered. All of the products featured here add features that do not come standard with Divi. To get your hands on this amazing bundle, you’ll need to act before the timer ticks down to zero. You’ll save 60% off the regular price of these fourteen popular products in the Divi Marketplace. This is a once-a-year opportunity that only happens for Black Friday. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to kick your Divi website into high gear!

DiviMenus helps you create stunning menus anywhere on your site using countless menu types, designs, functionality and layouts. Menus can be created using a powerful custom DiviMenus module that is full of unique settings that allow you to create unique layouts for menu items, use custom images or icons, and apply hover or click functionality in creative ways. You can even use it to create popups for additional content on any menu item. And that’s only scratching the surface of what this extension can do!

The Divi Modal Popup allows you to display a variety of Divi modules as popup content, like text, video, image, and even full Divi layouts! With multiple trigger actions like on-click, time delay, on scroll, on load, and exit as well as multiple trigger elements like text, image, icon, button, or CSS ID or Class. Making it easy to determine where you want your popup to show and when.

This Divi responsive toolkit helps make your websites look great and function well on all devices! With this extension you can adjust the number of mobile columns, set the row column stacking order, choose the number of WooCommerce product columns, and so much more! It also includes features like solving widow words on the last line of text, quick set global text sizes for all devices, and more! No more complicated CSS required, with the Divi Responsive Helper designing for mobile is a breeze.

Divi Toolbox includes hundreds of additional options to customize your Divi site on the backend and the front-end. Some of the key features include additional functionality and customizations for headers and footers, navigation menus, Divi modules, Blog Posts and Archives, mobile design, login pages, SVGs, popups, social icons, browser scrollbars, back to top button, customizable login page, and so much more!

Divi Contact Form Helper

Breathe new life into Divi’s Contact Form module with Divi Contact Form Helper. You’ll gain access to 65 custom form settings and features including a file upload field, date picker field, time picker field, Zapier integration settings, SMTP settings, form reporting, field visibility options, submit button alignment, and more. Each new field has design settings as well as the ability to save your form entries to your database.

How would you like to be able to password protect sections, rows, or even modules in your Divi website? Thanks to DiviPasswords, you can! You can password protect virtually any content within Divi using a customizable password form you can style with unique Divi settings.

Hide & Show PRO gives you total control over who sees your website content and when. With specific geolocation components you can show or hide Divi elements based on the continent, country, region, and city of your website visitors! Not only that, but you have the power to hide and show content based on user role, post type, previous purchases, memberships, subscriptions, and more. Hide and show specific modules, entire rows, or complete sections in Divi. You can also set a custom schedule that shows or hides elements based on a calendar day or time period. The options are endless!

Extend your Divi search bar capabilities with the Divi Ajax Live Search extension! This easily customizable extension offers a live search for posts, pages, custom post types, WooCommerce products, categories, tags and more. You can also choose what information to display in the live search results! Help your website visitors find information they’re searching for faster by displaying faster results with the Divi Ajax Live Search extension.

Login and Registration Addon for Divi

This Divi add-on allows you to create custom login, user registration, lost password, and password reset forms using Divi’s Visual Builder. Easily build, style, and get your forms by AJAX so you no longer have to worry about page reloads when logging in. Plus, you’ll be able to create custom redirection links for every form submission. You’ll also have full control over labels and placeholder texts, as well as be able to store login information for the next login.

DiviSwift Ajax WooCommerce Mini Cart

This plugin adds a mini sidebar cart to your Divi site in one click. It’s fully customizable using Divi’s Visual Builder. You can give your site’s customers an easier way to checkout, in less time, and make it more visually appealing with the DiviSwift Ajax WooCommerce Mini Cart.

Create beautiful and customizable tabs with Divi Tabs Maker. You’ll get hundreds of custom content and design settings for building tabs including stunning animation options, alternate tabs positions, fullwidth stacking on mobile devices, horizontal tab scrolling, and more! The Divi Tabs Maker module is fully customizable, 100% responsive, and has nearly limitless possibilities for design.

Boost Divi’s dynamic content options with Divi Dynamic Helper. With custom field support, you can create fully dynamic image galleries, maps, embed codes, and embed anything in your site with an iframe. Plus, you can run code on any page from a custom field! As an added bonus, you can even make your colors dynamic. Enter a hex code into a custom field, and the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin will change your custom field color dynamically.

If you are looking for a complex Ajax filter for your WooCommerce products and custom post types, the Divi Ajax Filter has everything you need and more to create beautiful filters and layouts for your site. These filters work seamlessly with WooCommerce, ACF, and Divi to make it easy to build powerful filters fully customizable with Divi’s visual builder. Plus the filtering system is built on Ajax so users can apply filters without having to wait for the page to reload! With it, you can create WooCommerce and ACF filter layouts that filter by categories, tags, custom taxonomies, product attributes, and more!

The Divi Taxonomy Helper allows you to display taxonomies (categories, tags, or custom taxonomies) of any post type using the Divi Builder. Some great features include the ability to assign thumbnails (or featured images) to any taxonomy term (category, tag, etc.) which can be displayed dynamically on archive templates (like a category page template) or in taxonomy grid layouts using a custom Divi Taxonomy Helper module. The custom Taxonomy Helper module functions much like a Blog Module for taxonomies, allowing you to customize which categories, tags, or taxonomies you want to display using custom filters. Plus the module includes all the powerful design options to customize your taxonomy displays however you want.

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