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The Formidable Application builder just got more powerful. Check out the low code web application builder with effortless templates, enjoyable app cloning, and helpful organization.

By now, you probably already know that Formidable is much more than just a form builder. We’ve seen people build some incredible things using the powerful forms and flexible application builder.

With all those forms and Views getting created, it can be tricky to keep track of which pieces belong together.

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Then, if you wanted to export a big application like a Classifieds site, it could take a lot of clicks. You had to search for each form (like the listing creation form, the advanced search form, the listing owner contact form…), then check the boxes to export each form. Finally, after importing to another site, you had to recreate any needed pages for publishing each form, View, or form success pages.

That’s a lot of work.

Meet your new web Application Organizer

Today, we have great news. Keeping track of all your amazing, complex applications is now easy.

The Formidable Application Organizer is something you won’t find in any other form builder.  It lets you bundle forms, Views, and even pages into individual application bundles.

This not only makes it easy to keep track of the different pieces of the applications you create, but it also makes it easy to export (and import) entire applications to use on other sites you build:

That means no more searching through forms when you need to export. Just one click, and it’s all there.

Plus, you no longer have to recreate each page to publish the forms and Views after importing to another site. All the pages can be included in the export, and automatically created for you on the new site.

Creating and sharing application templates is far easier and much faster.

Low code application builder templates

To save you even more time, we built a handful of application templates for you. They are ready for you to start using immediately, with many more to come. With the option to include pages too, using application templates has become effortless and enjoyable.

If the imported application doesn’t already include pages, it’s super quick and easy to create them. With one click, you can create a page with the form or View embedded:

Let’s take a look at how using a template works. For starters, we get a preview picture of what it looks like, with a description and a list of the different parts of the application.

For example, the Business Hours template includes one form and two views.

Once it’s installed, let’s take a look at that application’s page. It shows all the pieces and how they are linked together.

To test it out, you can quickly embed one of the Views on a page to see how it works. The Open Now View will let visitors know if they are visiting within business hours or not. If it’s outside of business hours, the Open Hours View will be automatically shown.

The best part is that it’s fully customizable. There’s no need to get into the HTML, but it’s ready for any changes you’d like to make.

How to get application templates

Depending on the template, there are a couple different ways to get access to them. First, some templates will be included with existing plans (like the FAQ template).

Second, if you have the minimum plan level the application requires, a one-time payment will get you a single template.

Third, our application template subscription includes all the current apps, along with the ones we’ll be releasing this year. If you have an old Elite+Apps or Business+Apps plan, you’ve already for access to the templates.

Low code web application builder

You don’t need to start with a template though. Clicking Add New will let you create a new application using the forms and Views that you’ve already made, or an empty one so you can start from scratch.

You’ll may have also noticed the Sync button. It’s very handy, especially for more complicated applications. It will automatically search the site for any forms, Views, or pages that are linked to the items already in the application, and add them here.

We are so excited to see you start using our new application organizer. And we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Check out our full list of applications templates. We’d love to hear what apps you’d like us to build for you in the comments below.

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